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TOMS Shoes How do they fit and do you like them?

Started 1302189539.51 in Fashion Talk | Last reply 1302386826.167 by evelyner

I just ordered my first pair of TOMS and I hope they fit well. If you have a pair could you tell me if they run narrow? I have a narrow foot and its hard to find an up todate shoe .

Thanks , V

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mostwanted1302190801.141248 PostsRegistered 8/28/2006

Love them...but wear a medium...I would have bought one pair anyway just to donate to his commitment to others less fortunate. What did you order one of is espadrilles ?

V loves to­ shop1302232915.323389 PostsRegistered 1/22/2008

Yes I did . I hope they work for me . They look so nice . I wear an 8 narrow.

granddi1302385024.887974 PostsRegistered 9/8/2009

Nordies told me to size 1/2 down. Toes should be at the end of the shoe like a ballet slipper. For me it was a donation.

evelyner1302386826.1672692 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I wear an 81/2 and bought the eight, I have the sparkly black. They are so comfy.

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