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Question-Strappy sandals that cover the toes

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Do any of you ladies know of any sandals that mostly cover the toes? Not anything closed toe or fisherman style, but that are strappy and aren't totally open toed. I'm no fan of my toes, but like sandals in the summer. Sears had the perfect style a couple years ago and have discontinued that line. They were strappy in the front, slingbacks and had a real heel--not just a flat rubber heel. I've already had to have my Sears shoes fixed, I can't give them up. Any help will be most appreciated!!!!

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misspammie1301153514.45312809 PostsRegistered 3/14/2010now in Virginia

jackyl, like the strappy toe sandals, but I must say, I've had many that if they don't cover your little toe the right way, all they do is let your pinky poke out and it drives me nuts,,,,,only suggestion is to look at them to see if the "little toe strap" is high enough that it won't stretch out and cause you aggravation later ,,,been there so many times,,,,the shoes work, but it is an annoyance and not comfy.

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