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Question about bird whistle on tracfone samsung tsv?

Started 1390310587.203 in Electronics Talk | Last reply 1390398155.807 by forrest
What is it? Driving me crazy!

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mima1390313890.8815055 PostsRegistered 10/19/2004KS

You are probably either getting messages or notifications of some sort. Notifications can be moves you are playing in games.

If you don't like the whistle, I think you can change it to something else.


WIlliam Jo­seph1390343236.89226 PostsRegistered 1/10/2013
A two second GOOGLE SEARCH: The default Samsung sound for incoming texts is a bird whistle

forrest1390398155.787800 PostsRegistered 11/23/2006Virginia
Thanks so much, I went to Samsung and figured it out. Notification sound and I turned it to silent. I was going crazy when it started as I didn't know where it was coming from and it would go off all night! No more birds for me!

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