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AMD A8 Quad Core vs. Intel Core i7

Started 1386899482.323 in Electronics Talk | Last reply 1386946725.693 by glb613

So I purchased both of these and I'm not sure which to return. Saw the Today's Special Value over Thanksgiving and I'm just confused at this point. Anyone able to help me differentiate the Dell 15.6" Laptop AMD A8 Quad Core 8GB RAM1TB vs. Dell 15" Laptop Intel Core i7 8GB RAM 1TB HD


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betteb1386899960.23319271 PostsRegistered 1/1/2008The Land of Oz

My choice would be to keep the AMD processor.

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Sunshine K­ate1386900680.54712984 PostsRegistered 11/13/2006The Beautiful Mountains & Western Sky

My choice would be Intel. It's a tad faster IMO, and I've read the same.

Buck-i-Nana1386901045.848961 PostsRegistered 9/26/2007South West Ohio

It really depends on what you plan on doing on your computer. If you're a big time gamer, the AMD is the better choice. If you're not a gamer, then the Intel multi-tasks better and faster.

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ThinkOutsi­deTheBox1386907517.321760 PostsRegistered 1/23/2011
Which AMD A8 and which core i7 is it? Also, what will you be using the computer for the most?

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gardenman1386945755.99317986 PostsRegistered 6/30/2005Southern New Jersey

Since you have both computers on hand I'd focus more on which one feels the best while you're using it. Which one has the best keyboard, trackpad, display, weight, best battery life, etc. Those useability features ultimately count far more in user satisfaction than the processor and stats. Very rarely will you ever max out even the most basic CPU's now on the market, so I don't really worry about that component all that much for the typical user. Use each computer for an hour or two and you'll likely decide you like how one works/feels more than the other and that should be the one you keep. Follow your gut and ignore the stats. A computer with the absolute best possible components that does great on benchmark tests, but weighs a ton, gets only a couple of hours of battery life, and has a lousy keyboard/trackpad will be used less than a computer that staggers through the benchmark tests, but is easier/more enjoyable to use.

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glb6131386946725.69311659 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Gardenman, I agree. I've owned a lot of computers since 1995. I've had both Intel and AMD processors and can't tell any difference. There is a lot more to a computer than just the processor. It's a combination of processor, memory and hard drive speed the determines a computer's performance. The graphic card/chip and screen is what you need for it to look good.

If you're a gamer or do a lot of video/photo editing, you will want a high end processor along with other high end components. .

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