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Kindle Fire HDX WiFi Question

Started 1380561199.57 in Electronics Talk | Last reply 1380571028.223 by AmyKnits2

I am interested in purchasing the new Kindle Fire HDX and need help figuring out whether I can get good use out of it.

I have no fast internet at home, I only have my Verizon android phone that I tether to my computer. I do have an unlimited 4G plan and need to know if I can load most things to my home computer then from my computer to my Kindle Fire. I'm sure movies and music will be too large and I'll have to go to a library or public place to use their Wi-Fi to load those bigger things.

I just want to make sure I will be able to load books, games and apps through my computer to the Kindle. I have a Nook and am able to load books from my computer to my Nook so I'm hoping t do the same sort of loading with the Kindle Fire.

Thanks for any insight you can give me.

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MIMA1380562502.0215256 PostsRegistered 10/19/2004KS

Even though your internet isn't fast, do you have wireless? I download movies to my computer and then put them on my Kindle Fire HD, so I'm sure you can do it on the Kindle Fire HDX. I don't do music, but I'm sure you can do music too.

However with the new HDX, you can download Amazon Prime movies. I'm sure you have to do that straight to your Kindle HDX. You probably can't download those to your computer.


nutmeg31380568101.795552 PostsRegistered 6/18/2007NJ

I am streaming music on my Android phone with a connection to Verizon wireless 4G mobile network. I am enhancing the sound with a Bluetooth speaker. I have limited 2GB service and wanted to see how much bandwidth I use playing music. The sound quality is great.

You should not have any trouble downloading movies or music. I wonder will Verizon have invisible bandwidth limits on your account. They may throttle your account, slowing down your service until the next billing cycle. Do some reading online to see what unlimited usage means with this company.

IMHO, I would buy the largest Kindle, because you need storage. You could download content to your computer, and then transfer music to your tab.

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AmyKnits21380571028.223231 PostsRegistered 1/29/2005Upstate NY

Thank you for the quick responses! I really do want the Kindle Fire but cannot afford the 64g only the 32.

Mima, not sure if I have "wireless"...I do know my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy III) has many great features I haven't tried out yet. I'll look into that.

I did ask Verizon Wireless why my kids phones had limited time and hubby's and mine don't. They said our two phones are "grandfathered in". They said that "at some point" Verizon will probably force me out of the unlimited use designation but for now, I'm able to use it with no restrictions.

I do love living out in the "country" but no fast internet is a big issue for us. It is hard to believe but there is high speed internet about .5 miles from my home "as the crow flies". Hopefully, we'll get it fairly soon.

Thank you!

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