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Halo Scanner Mouse

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Does anyone have this? I have a big, clunky flatbed scanner that takes up alot of room and I can't scan things that are oversized. I looked on Fry's website (that's an electronics chain). They have a scanner mouse made by LG, but the reviews weren't very good.

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JuJu Jacks­on1368723235.0732 PostsRegistered 5/16/2013

I just got my scanner mouse and have been trying for half of the day so far to figure out how to convert an English document to Spanish. Called Halo Customer Service and they didnt know and said "it doesnt happen right away"...really....why did I see it done on tv and now I cant do it? They didnt know. Not happy so far. It scanns really well, but not what my main purpose is for. I will send it back unless I can get an answer.

JuJu Jacks­on1368723307.1572 PostsRegistered 5/16/2013

Oh, and I cant even edit the text....

Nightowlz1368726542.63310550 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Sorry I don't have it so I'm no help. Someone else posted a question asking how to change the language from English to Spanish. I don't have an answer. I looked in the manual they have online & did not find the answer nor did I find any info. on their website. The only thing I can think of is the language should be able to be changed by using the OCR software. I did see where it said it uses Google Translate so you might have to figure out how that works. That's pretty bad that you called Halo & nobody could help you.

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grannyjan1368817045.917199 PostsRegistered 1/20/2006

I just uninstalled my new scanner mouse. Don't know if it is all the fault of the mouse but it used more cpu power than I thought it should and things started not opening and "not responding. Good grief.

I found that the bar scanner wasn't for me cause I couldn't scan straight and even across the page. And this one seemed sluggish. I have 6GB of memory and very few programs installed. Not sure what the problems was.

They are very new and you can't even register yet. I thought I would give it a couple weeks to see if they get feedback and are are able to fix the issues othe it will go back........I like the bigger mouse for my laptop the little ones cramp my hand.

This is such a good idea that I hate to have to send it back.

ShirleyAC1368914496.4815 PostsRegistered 6/9/2006

I received my scanner on Thursday. Every 30 minutes the APPS Manager is popping up on my desk top. Does anyone know how to stop it from popping up? I tried to go to the Halo web-site, but my Norton won't let me go to that site. It has it marked as a threat.



PembrokeCo­rgiMom1368989463.4771758 PostsRegistered 7/20/2009North Carolina

I got mine last week. I have scanned some pictures and a couple of other things. So far I like it. I am getting the mouse pad with the cover on it for scanning as soon as they can get it to me. Looks like it will be in June. I am not sure about it using extra power. I installed the software and it seems to work fine. I am still using my wireless mouse for everything else. I did not see the whole presentation so do not know about changing document languages and editing.

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jst4jan1369064947.92360 PostsRegistered 11/10/2006

Wow! Since the reviews for this and the reviews for the LG are not good, I think I'll pass on this. Maybe it's too new and they need to tweak it. Thanks to the posters who responded.

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adoreqvc1369071044.586278 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

i bought the vue point Magic Wand 3 Portable Scanner with Color LCD Bundle

from hsn and it is a great hand held scanner. item #213-791

they have a few models to choose from, and they work well and got good reviews.

at least i love mine and it scans large photo's in too.

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