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Anyone switch phone number from Verizon to Tracfone?

Started 1360730722.113 in Electronics Talk | Last reply 1361025831.43 by skylark

I'm thinking of ditching my Verizon phone and getting a Tracfone but I want to keep my Verizon number. Is that possible and has anyone here done that? How hard was it? TIA.

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Big Sister1360731412.646220 PostsRegistered 5/15/2010Southern California

I recently switched from AT&T to my new Tracfone and I kept the same number. You should be able to do that.

circles1360731772.24719193 PostsRegistered 5/11/2005N.J.

I dumped Verizon for a Tracfone....but I took a new number....

crush1360814633.82180 PostsRegistered 10/7/2005NC

I wondered the same thing; we're with Verizon too.

hckynut1360815845.8721245 PostsRegistered 5/20/2006Nebraska
On 2/12/2013 MoJoV said:

I'm thinking of ditching my Verizon phone and getting a Tracfone but I want to keep my Verizon number. Is that possible and has anyone here done that? How hard was it? TIA.

We switched from what used to be Nextel, and we kept our same phone numbers. My wife also switched from Virgin Mobile back to TracFone and still has her same original TracFone number.

Verizon? I would think they would do it since we were able to do so with 2 different companies. But, I really don't know for sure.


Troop_Angel1360828630.3475489 PostsRegistered 4/22/2006

I have Verizon and got a Tracfone. I decided to go with a new number from Tracfone. The options are easy to do as far as either keeping your same number or going with a new one. I haven't started using my Tracfone yet, so I haven't cancelled my cell phone from Verizon. I want to make sure I know how to work and use my Tracfone before I do! lol!

maryebrown1360849557.8072323 PostsRegistered 9/14/2012

Yes! I bought a Samsung Tracfone from the Q in Nov., and I programmed it (according to the instructions). I had a Tracfone account (for my son's cellphone for 10 years); I added the new phone, and new phone number assigned to it. Then I followed the instructions and I changed it to my home phone #. THEY contacted Verizon, and the home # was transferred in 3 days...(this was over Thanksgiving, that's why it took longer).

So glad I did, I was tired of paying Verizon $90 a month, for virtually nothing!

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lizzys1360852465.343241 PostsRegistered 11/16/2011

Yes, we recently ported our Verizon cell phone number to a Tracphone and it was easy. When you do this Verizon only suspends your account but you still have to pay the full month to your next billing cycle when they officially cancel it. They say it is in your contract. We did this one week into the billing cycle so they still got an extra $60 from us. {#emotions_dlg.mad}

Stargazer771360902050.126413 PostsRegistered 10/24/2006

I switched from AT&T to Tracfone last summer when the other channel had a today's special. I ported my number online and it was very easy and went smoothly. I didn't have to call AT&T to cancel and I got a prorated check from them for the unused part of my monthly bill.

I'm very happy I switched and as a light user Tracfone is perfect for me. I have a "smartphone" now, although it's really a "semi-smartphone," but it does more than my previous phone, which I loved, but it was really old.

wismiss1360902291.5332817 PostsRegistered 6/18/2008Central Illinois

I switched from US Cellular to Tracfone and was able to keep my number. It was very easy to do and I am very satisfied with Tracfone. Savings are about $500 a year.

arljoy1360978601.5932 PostsRegistered 12/13/2010
A couple of months ago I switched from Verizon to tracfone and I kept my phone number. Everything went very smoothly no problems

Sunshine K­ate1360979897.00712984 PostsRegistered 11/13/2006The Beautiful Mountains & Western Sky

Seems like a lot of you have ditched Verizon for a Tracfone. Is there something bad about Verizon or what is so great about a Tracfone?


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keri1360994661.8171912 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I dumped Verizon for Net10 and subsequently its sister company TracFone nearly seven years ago and never looked back. I timed the switch to coincide with my contract's expiration, so there were no problems.

Why TracFone? I got tired of Verizon's ever-increasing rates for ever-decreasing service. When Verizon acquired Air Touch Cellular, I was paying about $19.95/month and off-peak hours began at 7PM. Under the Verizon regime, off-peak didn't begin until 9PM and the least expensive plan jumped to $24.95/month, then $29.95/month and finally $35/month. After adding taxes and incomprehensible fees, my monthly bill was $50 or more. No hidden "gotchas" with TracFone. It's perfect if you're a light- to moderate user, keeping a mobile phone mainly for security. Bonus: TracFone has triple minutes. (e.g. - Buy 60 minutes and you'll get 180 minutes of airtime.) I was wasting money with Verizon because I never used even half of my 300 minutes each month. Verizon constantly pledged that they "were looking into rollover minutes" but after years of empty promises, I switched to TracFone, where I keep my unused minutes as long as my service remains active. I buy a new airtime card annually or upgrade the phone and my minutes transfer seamlessly.

TracFone's coverage is excellent. Verizon used to drop calls constantly, but I've never had that issue with TracFone anywhere I've used it. Call clarity is outstanding. They've improved the selection of handsets, with current models from LG, Motorola, Samsung, etc now available. Gone is the pre-paid carrier stigma of an old, basic phone devoid of convenient features. TracFone has modern units as well as modified smartphones available.

There's a trade-off: TracFone's call center is offshore and often there's a language barrier when speaking with CSRs, but coaching has improved vastly in recent years. If problems persist, you can request a supervisor. Usually they are native English speakers. If your complaint hasn't been resolved to your satisfaction, complete the online form and e-mail the Executive Resolutions Department. They'll contact you within 72 hours and usually settle the problem on the spot.

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Sile1360998162.521224 PostsRegistered 2/3/2010
Look into AT&T GoPhone pre-paid. Great plans, phones and customer service, and it's on the AT&T network. The others like tracfone, net10, virgin and straighttalk all use other companies' networks, but you don't always know which one you'll be on. And the customer service is frustrating and not 24/7. You can also put your Verizon service on vacation hold / suspension with no billing for up to 6 months in one year while you try a pre-paid. If you are in contract it will extend it for the time you are on hold. Ask them to waive the $15 fee, too, btw.

Sunshine K­ate1361021954.06712984 PostsRegistered 11/13/2006The Beautiful Mountains & Western Sky

Thanks, Sile and Keri.

skylark1361025831.3971771 PostsRegistered 10/1/2010

This is why I love these boards...filled with smart, helpful people! I ordered my Tracfone from Amazon and it should be here next week. I'll let you know how "easily" switching my Verizon number goes. Thanks again all of you who replied.

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