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Can my iPad send text to a non-apple phone?

Started 1352480827.623 in Electronics Talk | Last reply 1352505828.46 by quincybird
Is this possible? I want to send a text message to my husband's LG phone (he has Net10 prepaid service) using my iPad2. But looks like iMessage only works between Apple products? I sent a text to my niece but she has an iPhone. Is there another App I can get?

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mdmc1352481719.821670 PostsRegistered 10/27/2007West Coast
From what I read no you cannot send it through Messages, but there are apps you can use.

Nightowlz1352481789.2510472 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

You should be able to with the Talkatone app. I have not sent a text message using it so don't know how it works. I installed it so I could make free long distance calls to people without an iPhone, iPad etc. using Google Talk. Here is a link on their FAQ's.

What is Talkatone? How do I use it?

Talkatone gives you free calls, text messages and real-time location sharing on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad via 3G or WiFi connection. Talkatone uses Google Talk and Google Voice services and bridges the gap between instant messaging on your computer and regular cellular calls on your mobile device.

Basic Talkatone product is free. Wherever you can find data connection you can make a call or send a text message. In order to get most out of Talkatone you need to have Google Voice Account and setup Google services.

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Bikkie1352482069.653947 PostsRegistered 10/7/2009

If your iPad is only WiFi enabled then you cannot send a text to a non-Apple product. However, as someone suggested above, there are apps you can download for free to use your WiFi data to text.

I use IM+ (I have the paid version, but there is a free version) that allows you to connect to chat services like Gmail chat, AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), Facebook chat, etc. and you can add mobile numbers to those services.

VolvoGirl1352482357.453617 PostsRegistered 2/11/2009
Well my iPad is only WiFi but when I'm out I have a cellular hotspot I can connect to. So I'm confused with your post. I'm in over my head on this.

qvcfreak1352482374.426363 PostsRegistered 3/14/2005

My son has the iPad 2 and he always sends text to me and his Dad, I have T-mobile and his Dad has Sprint.

VolvoGirl1352485138.73617 PostsRegistered 2/11/2009
But what kind of phones do you both have? They must be iPhones? If not, please ask him how he sends text to you.

Debbie5551352485691.44316 PostsRegistered 6/14/2012
I use the Aim app (free) to send texts to any phone from my IPad. Last edited on 11/9/2012

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mdmc1352487433.3431670 PostsRegistered 10/27/2007West Coast
You have to go to the App Store and download an app that let's you do this. It does not matter if you have wifi only or 3 G. Some apps have been suggested here

quincybird1352505828.46393 PostsRegistered 7/4/2007
Try textPlus in the App Store!

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