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iPad vs. Samsung Galaxy Tablet

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I'm torn between these 2 tablets. I currently have an Android phone and a MacBook computer, so, I don't have any loyalty to either system. What can the iPad do that the Samsung can't?


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patbz1352295877.457937 PostsRegistered 7/25/2006White Mountains AZ

I own the Galaxy 10.1 plus 2 smaller ones. It is absolutely perfect and I've compared it side by side with Ipad--nothing lacking and it has flash.

expatgal1352296384.115753 PostsRegistered 4/22/2005

I have the 8.9 Samsung Galaxy tablet and still struggle after a year with the thing. I hate the Android part and the apps because I am used to the Apple (love the music/movie selections on iTunes) apps on my iPod Touch. I didn't want to lug the huge iPad around, so I opted for the Samsung tablet. It's just "OK" IMO. Of course I was anxiouisly awaiting the mini iPad and was disappointed that it didn't have the retina display and it looked grainey to me! So ... still waiting. Bottom line, don't like the Android at all.

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rogan1352339928.762168 PostsRegistered 8/29/2007

I hate ITunes & ditched it years ago. It made me crazy. But if you like it & have a big library invested in it, it probably makes sense to stay with Apple. ITunes is just going to work smoother on an Apple product. But there isn't any real reason the iTunes Android app won't work adequately.

Wadzlla1352340767.9532073 PostsRegistered 2/25/2009

I have the Galaxy 10.1 with jellybean. Hubby started taking it with him to work, so I bought another one! We use them every day, and love them. I also have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone.

I have HBOGO, and watch True Blood and other shows in bed if I can't sleep.Watch TV and sports on it too. I have it tethered to my phone and take it with me everywhere. I use it for appointments, notes, and tasks. It is easier to see than my phone for looking stuff up on the road. My Kindle app has all of my books.

My daughter is into Apple products, but she was very impressed with this tablet. I don't think Apple has flash for watching videos?

I highly recommend Samsung Android products.

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