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sim card

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I just brought a Dell Inspiron 1090 and I can not seem to be able to put in my sim card it is a 4 GB card can some one please help

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Talisin1302842687.46272 PostsRegistered 2/5/2011

I didn't know that Dell had a SIM card??

dgluvr1302842852.435298 PostsRegistered 5/12/2008

Me neither- a sim card usually is in a cell phone. Let us know what it's supposed to do and if you just bought it- surely you have free consults?

Are you sure it's a sim card? Do you mean an SD card? If that's it- there's a slot that usually has a fake one in to keep the contacts clean - right in front -- push it in- it pops out and you can insert your SD card.

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Talisin1302844161.717272 PostsRegistered 2/5/2011

Yes that is what I found there is no open slot anymore it has a fake card in the slot and it fits so snug that you don't really realize where it is, it took good lighting and the right angle for me to see the fake card in the slot and they had moved the slot from the back side of the side to the front of the side. The fake card is there to protect the contacts within the computer body, just push it like you would a SD card to remove it and the fake one will pop out and then you will have the slot open to slide the card in. I know there are Micro Mini SD cards too - I haven't heard of any computers having those yet but I could be wrong, if its a micro mini then you may have the wrong size card. I know the phone company gave me the wrong card for my new phone and it fit but I had a funny feeling something was wrong and pulled it back out then took it to the store and they admitted they gave me the wrong card, if things get any smaller we will need magnifying glassed just to find our cards.

Jeanne R1302845051.0034788 PostsRegistered 7/5/2010

i did not use Dell Inspiron ever

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