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Can someone please tell me how to do a hard reset to restore factory settings. I am sending this back tomorrow!

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gerwiley1294449756.9531 PostsRegistered 1/7/2011

how do i reset language on Panimage media tablet to English

JerB1294778985.99710 PostsRegistered 9/23/2007

Once again....How does one go about resetting the Pandigital eReader back to the factory settings before sending back. Have not had any success and do NOT want my personal info sent back to qvc.....Thanks in advance

acehoney1295023924.0631 PostsRegistered 1/14/2011

Think I'm sending mine back too. Not all that it was really cracked up to be. To wipe the media tablet, follow the below steps...

1. click on Settings (it's the grey icon with the gears on it)

2. scroll down and click on "SD card, U-disk, and device storage".

3. scroll down and click on "Factory data reset".

4. click on "reset device".

Hope this helps!!!

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