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Kindle Books from Amazon with Blank Pages!

Started 1329699865.77 in eBook Club | Last reply 1333505553.14 by CourtMV

In the past 2 weeks, I purchased 4 books from Amazon, specifically for my Kindle Fire. All of the books had the "dust cover," followed by blank pages. Interestingly, none of the books were the $12.99 or $14.99 books. They were in the $ .99 - $7.99 catagory.

I did seek refunds from Amazon on all of the books, but am wondering if anyone else has had the same problem

p.s. Amazon performed a diagnostic on my Kindle and found nothing wrong.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Pinkroses1329700771.651392 PostsRegistered 12/9/2007TN

How strange! I have over 146 Kindle books and none of them have had blank pages. That is so very strange.

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LilyBell21329720819.12682 PostsRegistered 1/5/2011Southern California

This reminds me of a topic I saw on Amazon's Kindle forums... same issue, also on a Kindle Fire.

sfnative1329775315.387221 PostsRegistered 4/23/2007Portland, OR

Thanks to both of you. I'll definitely check out the site. - Super!

Gooooooooo Giants!
My fav: Buster Posey!

karsonalley1329877427.71711 PostsRegistered 10/4/2007

Yes I have gotten one book so far I am aware of with all blank pages. It happened to my daughter and she had to reset her kindle fire. I don't know what all that entailed.

CourtMV1333505553.1172 PostsRegistered 4/3/2012

I have "purchased" a lot of the free books off of Amazon, and I have only come across one that was blank. It said something about the sync had failed. I went back to that book a few weeks later, and the pages were there. Not a clue how it fixed itself. I have yet to open a majority of the books I've purchased, so I'm not sure if I have anymore blank ones.

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