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Started 1321683512.793 in eBook Club | Last reply 1321684980.657 by jasbel

I purchased a Kindle Fire from amazon for a christmas gift. It does have a warranty of 1 year. Amazon sent an answer to my email on the warranty. They said if the Kindle was purchased online the warranty starts on the shipped date. If I purchased it in a store the warranty would start on the registration date. So as it is now almost 40 days of the warranty will be gone by the time I give it at Christmas.

Does this seem right to you. I would of thought the warranty would start when it was registered no matter where it was bought. Just wanted to let someone know if they are considering purchasing from Amazon.

Has anyone considered buying the second year warranty? This is a gift for a 12 year old.

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jasbel1321684980.6572424 PostsRegistered 10/21/2008

I would buy the 2nd year warranty for a 12 year old, based on my niece. She is a good kid, really smart and responsible, but for some reason the girl has accidents. LOL

I cannot, speak for Amazon, HOWEVER, if the Fire is register by your giftee at Xmas (you register the device when you turn it on) unless it is for you then it is pretty automatic. IF something happened next Thanksgiving they would probably stand by it. Amazon has been extremely good w/returns and very understanding.

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