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Domed Satchel In Bordeaux! Like or No?

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As Is Dooney& Bourke Florenti ne Leather Dome d Satchel

I also grabbed up on a Bordeaux Domed Satchel. It has the great pockets for easy access but Any Recommendations or Negative on this one would be appreciated. Thanks,

"Everyone Needs a passion" Mine is Purses and Puppies !!!

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IslandGirl71355588563.791318 PostsRegistered 9/16/2012Savannah, GA

I saw those 'as is' the other day and I think that bag is gorgeous in bordeaux!

BTW, I grabbed a medium toggle CBB in navy 'as is' and it arrived PERFECT! All handles, straps & hardware, still wrapped!

Hope I have the same good luck with the mini satchel in bordeaux that's on it's way!

Can't figure how how some of these bags are considered 'as is'?

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Lavenderju­nkie1355597420.07713720 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Enjoy your new handbag. I think it's a great style.

luvmyteddy1355612123.6939526 PostsRegistered 9/4/2010Royals/Chiefs

Love the bag and I think it looks good in any color especially bordeaux.

Must love dogs and cats

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