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Solofill v2

Started 1387197097.857 in Coffee Talk | Last reply 1390098422.503 by Tribefan

I bought this yesterday at BBB and it works perfectly with my Vue. I wanted to try the Starbucks Blonde blend but they didn't have it in the Vue packs so I got the K-cups. Love this little device. I found out about it here on the boards. Thanks!

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coffee jun­kie1390094811.4871 PostsRegistered 1/18/2014
I just got my VUE for Christmas & quickly realized I was going to need an adapter to enjoy a wider variety of beverages than what was readily available in stores for the VUE. I too went searching for an answer and found the Solofill v2 on E- Bay. It' s a great little product and now I can enjoy my VUE 3 different ways : k-cups, loose grounds or VUE cups. So worth it !

Tribefan1390098422.503312 PostsRegistered 11/27/2009
Be careful- there are some reviews that claim this will ruin your Vue. It seems it works fine for a couple weeks but it somehow allows grinds to clog the water line. I bought one for my son but told him not to use it. It sounds like it's okay to use it without the k-cup adapter. It has to do with where it pierces the k-cup I guess. I'd hate to see you ruin your machine. There are a lot of good reviews too but maybe they hadn't used it enough to have problems yet?

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