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Best price yet on the Rivo coffee pods

Posted by soonersis 1384149227.297

Went to Kohl's today as I had received one of their $10 off $10 or more purchase cards. Knew they had the Keurig Rivo online but had not been in the store to see if it was there. They had huge displays of many Keurig coffee makers including the Rivo and boxes of their pods. While the regular price of these pods (box of 18) is $19.99, it was on sale for $17.99. So with my $10 off card it was only 7.99 plus tax. That's cheaper than getting it at BB&B with their $5 off coupon on their pods which are regularly $14.99.

I'll definitely be back there to buy these the next time I get one of their $10 off cards.