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Rivo -- New Keurig for Cappucino

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I saw this in an infomerical this morning:


I can't wait to see this debut on ITKWD.

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Matt821374565390.751 PostsRegistered 7/23/2013
Just ordered it today, super excited! Coffee is my passion!

BornToShop1374714309.671567 PostsRegistered 5/17/2007Florida
I saw this at my local Fresh Market and was super excited to see it! I was wondering if Keurig would be coming out with something new. Love Keurig & no doubt will be looking into this new addition.

Sooner1374714403.0816625 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Nice but it won't talk me out of my Nespresso!!! LOL!!

Caaareful ­Shopper1376220644.59289 PostsRegistered 10/9/2012

I cannot wait for QVC to get the Keurig Rivo!! The frother is not a separate item, it's all a part of this Keurig -- and you can froth milk or soy, I love that. Plus you put the frother in the dishwasher or wash my hand. Sold exclusivly at Bloomingdale's last fall, but that was lifted this past Spring. I'm ready QVC!!!

Persephonel1377136059.2832608 PostsRegistered 9/11/2011
It looks great! I like being able to use fresh milk. I hope they have the option to use your own coffee.

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4uthebest1377145329.713849 PostsRegistered 1/21/2009
On 8/21/2013 Persephonel said: It looks great! I like being able to use fresh milk. I hope they have the option to use your own coffee.

That would be nice but really quite a bit harder for the average person to do for it would pre-suppose a knowledge of beans used for espresso and the proper grind in the proper amount for both the Solofill and Ekobrew would choke on finely ground not to even mention espresso ground coffee.

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Caaareful ­Shopper1380655951.96289 PostsRegistered 10/9/2012

The Rivo's now available on QVC! I haven't been keeping up with the TV presentations for a while, but I just came across the Keurig Rivo today online -- with Easy Pay. {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

soonersis1380669818.361540 PostsRegistered 7/13/2009

Here it's the same price as BB&B, but if you can get there you can use one of their 20% off coupons and not have to pay the $15+ S/H.

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