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New Clarks Rep?

Started 1343509708.687 in Clarks | Last reply 1365462374.49 by gemini40

I may have missed it as I did not see any Clarks show until the one at 4:00 p.m. Carolyn said that the lady on with her who was a former model is now the Clarks rep. What happened to Steve Mahoney? The new lady was pleasant enough and did a passable job, but I much prefer Steve. Does anybody have any information on Steve?

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Chris 920081343510576.32798 PostsRegistered 6/24/2006SD County

I've been wondering where is Steve Mahoney. The lady representing Clark's is downright boring. Bring Steve back. She doesn't hold my attention even with Carolyn as the host.

champagnep­oodle1343511072.515927 PostsRegistered 9/26/2011

She was a former QVC model. Boring...

Beebo1343511222.776960 PostsRegistered 4/13/2010

Last time Steve was on, he said tha Annalissa (the woman who has been on today) was going to be filling in for the other female rep who was pregnant. I am hoping that Steve is just on vacation because I really enjoy it when he is on.

butterflyk­ris1343706500.6898 PostsRegistered 5/31/2007

The new rep. for Clarks is absolutly adorable, I have watched her for awhile now, and really think she is doing a "GREAT" job, she is classy, refined and knows her "stuff" . some of the comments made about Anna Lisa are coming out of mouths that have no idea of what they are talking about, Anna Lisa, you are doing a wonderful job and add a real spark of beauty to the show, and I really think your bosses should know this......Keep up the good work my dear, I love watching you and will continue to do so...... One of your fans....JOYCE

butterflyk­ris1343706880.92798 PostsRegistered 5/31/2007

In response to champagnepoodle: So what if Anna Lisa was a model, does that mean she can not advance herself, and if the people at Clarks didn't think she could do the job, they would not have hired her, and Steve would not have recommended her.......I personally think she is doing a wonderful job and she really adds a spark of beauty to the show.......So think twice before you open your mouth....... Joyce

bachspal1343942125.5670 PostsRegistered 2/15/2010

Steve is funny and very individual. Annalisa has warmed up a lot as she gets experience and she's both charming and lovely. Clark's shoes are a class act and can hold their own no matter who presents.

cbuckd1344038758.4919 PostsRegistered 7/15/2005

I agree that Steve needs to come back and they need to get rid of the new lady. Why do some people get so touchy.....all Champagnepoodle said was that she was a former QVC model....and that she's boring...it's just her opinion and she wasn't disparaging the lady. When they keep mentioning she was a model at QVC I always wonder why they keep mentioning it and how does that make her know what she's talking about when it comes to the manufacturing or quality of shoes.

cotto221344038853.1831762 PostsRegistered 5/20/2006

I think Clark's sales will be affected without Steve. JMO.

He is funny, and not so darned boring like most of the vendors!

ShopperL1344300703.05713 PostsRegistered 5/6/2012

I always seem to purchase a pair of Clarks when Steve is on, not so much with the other two ladies.

Bring back Steve {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

Trix1344799552.5574285 PostsRegistered 7/28/2005Chicago, IL

AnnaLisa is doing ok as a Clarks on-air rep. She really sounds like she's taking the role seriously and learning about the shoes inside and out to pass along knowledgesable info to customers. I mean no detriment to her at all when I say that I have missed having Steve Mahoney on air the past couple months. It's about my fondness for him -- nothing against AnnaLisa. I hope that Clarks just has Steve working on some other wonderful assignment and that he is well and will be back on air at QVC in the future.


beach-mom1347740649.69310517 PostsRegistered 8/1/2007Mid-Atlantic

Steve was on last night at midnight with Lisa. I have a secret crush on him! I love his sense of humor! SHH - don't tell DH! {#emotions_dlg.lol} Anyway near the end of the show he was joking with Lisa and the models, telling some they were the "A" team, etc. It's all in good fun. I love to watch when he's on, and I love it even better when he's joking around. He doesn't joke when he's talking about the shoes though. He knows his stuff - he should; he's WAY up in the company. Smile

mornin glo­ry1352682995.10313 PostsRegistered 5/23/2010


krein1355172516.4533 PostsRegistered 5/28/2012

AnnaLisa you do a fine job. Not sure about new lady, Ive only seen her once, today. But we do miss Steve Mahoney. Please let us know if he will be back. It would be fine if they all shared the Q so we could see them all

Reever1355612113.9935 PostsRegistered 11/29/2007New York

Wasnt Steve the one who was always flirting with Patti Riley ? If thats the "shoe guy" im thinking of then yes bring him back. I wasnt too fond of the older guy who presented the White Mountain Shoes.

subedew1355613362.53180 PostsRegistered 11/29/2007

Wish they would bring Steve back....don't care for the new women.

BonnieBelle1355613469.3520115 PostsRegistered 4/13/2007

I like Anna Lisa the best. Don't care for the other new girl and didn't care for Steve.

susan kay1355620746.383993 PostsRegistered 6/28/2011

I think that Anna Lisa is great and really liked Steve, too!! Enjoy them both and they both represent Clarks shoes well.

Raider Fan1357288967.824508 PostsRegistered 8/11/2009SF Bay Area

I LOVED Steve Mahoney, loved him. However I really like the new lady. The shoes are important, not who presents them. Let us think that Steve got a great promotion at Clarkes and no longer has to travel to the Q in PA. He made me laugh all the time but the new girl is good so we'll go with her. Maybe he will come back to present a tsv. In any case, let's all like the new lady, I think she is great. Be positive my friends, it's the shoes that are important! Smile

Common sense is not so common. **Voltaire**

mamajell1357306145.9708 PostsRegistered 8/30/2005

I often complimented Steve Mahoney on these boards for his with and knowledege, but I also appreciate Anna Lisa's detailed presentations, sincerity and professionalism. I saw the other female rep once and found nothing significant to disparage her work. Unless the vendor is a horror show, I buy the product and ignore a personality. Some reps are better than others, but most are decent human beings out there trying to make a living like you and I. I find the comment to not buy a product because of a rep bizarre. Another example that some of life has gone stone-cold. JMHO

banjo1357340247.425475 PostsRegistered 6/16/2006Nebraska

It's quite possible that Steve got a promotion within the Clarks Company and he is too busy to be the Clarks rep on QVC.

The way you speak of others does not define who they are, it defines who you are!

tara19501359227742.631 PostsRegistered 1/26/2013
Please bring Steve Mahoney back for entertainment, one of the reasons I watch QVC.

lunamoona1365461925.8435 PostsRegistered 12/25/2012
Please, Clark's bring back Steve,he is so so entertaining! I miss him,

gemini401365462374.49353 PostsRegistered 8/24/2007

Please, oh please bring back Steve....he is the best I have bought many pairs of Clarks over the years thanks to Steve. I have nothing againsy the new rep....buut one thing is for certain...Steve is unique and that is a rarity in the "cookie cutter" business of selling merchandise via the tube.

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