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programmable timers on flameless candles

Started 1341384557.907 in Candles | Last reply 1341414383.68 by hooked on q

Can you tell me how to do the "programmable timers" on the candle impression candles.

It says to hold both buttons down and count the "blinks of the candle". It starts out initially the candlegoing on and off and you can count them...but then it stops acutally going on and off and can't seem to count "blinks" at that point.

Can you help me. Didn't know if maybe I might have a defective candle with the programmable aspect of it. Thanks. (Got the butteryfly candle impression candle)

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hooked on q1341414383.6837 PostsRegistered 7/25/2011

Don't count the blinks of the candle. There is a smal red light on the bottom of the candle near the on, off switch that blinks when you are setting the timer. That is the blink you count. I made the exact same mistake you are making till I figured it out. Good luck

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