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Retinol..which one has more%? Roc or Neutrogena?

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Hi, I'm wanting to know which drugstore "Roc or Neutrogena" has more Retinol in it? I know there are several products from both brands...but do you know which product (name of the product) from which brand has the highest % of Retinol in it? Thanks!:)

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Nascardiva12664277446600 PostsRegistered 6/27/2005Maryland
I've heard that Roc has more than Neutrogena, but don't have the specific amounts.
Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM has 1.5% retinol in it, and it is the highest amount for any OTC product on the market.

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LovemyBE126642841125588 PostsRegistered 7/11/2008
Someone posted all the percentages awhile back and I clearly remember Roc as having the highest. About 3 weeks ago I bought a Roc starter kit from Target which has the face wash, night cream & eye cream. It says you'll see results in 4 weeks, more in 8 weeks and the best results in 12 weeks. Well, after about 2 weeks I saw nothing & felt like I wasted my money...but now that I'm at 3 weeks I really notice a decrease in my forehead lines. I still haven't even dented this starter kit so I'll keep with it and see what week 12 brings me.
My skin isn't sensitive to anything, or atleast I thought so. I can only use Roc once a day, so I chose nighttime. If I do it twice a day, my face looks red. The box does say that you should start at only once a day at night.
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