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Nails that break on the side

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Everytime my nails grow out just past the tips of my fingers, I will bump one or open a drawer and lift the end slightly.  Look down and I have a break on the side of my nail past the quick/nailbed.  Why?  Does anyone know why it is always there not just the end of the nail before going into my nail bed?  I have thought of trying the Perfect Formula Strengthen & Seal product from the Q. Had posted a question is this was basically the same product as Sally Hansen stuff in a very similar bottle.  All 3 responses said absolutely not the same stuff and is MUCH better.  Help!!!

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MIMA1274650156.3215299 PostsRegistered 10/19/2004KS

Mine always break on the side of my thumb and I didn't realize until my mom told me it was from opening pop tabs on cans of pop. It slowly weakens the nail.  Makes sense to me.

Do you do anything with the side of the nail that would weaken it?


bamamom1274650425.317979 PostsRegistered 2/19/2007State of Confusion


No I always use the side of my fingers to open things like soda or the end of a spoon, etc.  My worst are the thumbs also.  But they will all do it.  I was opening a bathroom cabinet this afternoon and my finger slipped off the handle a little and I felt it lift and sure enough there was the break down the side.  Sometimes I have no idea how it happens.  Was not sure if they are to brittle, I use solar oil and tips oil and hand lotion, not in water all the time.  Just frustrating.

Thank you for responding

thatgirldeb1274656129.537461 PostsRegistered 4/13/2007

Making sure my nails are filed have helped me with this problem.

jellyBEAN1274659341.8233398 PostsRegistered 6/6/2009

This used to happen to me all the time.  I swear by T.I.P.S.  Just using it once/day or even once every few days will help.  It is one product that I think really works.  No more nail breaks.

j-lou1274661243.571192 PostsRegistered 3/27/2009Oklahoma

bamamom, I have this exact same problem!  It's horrible.  I started taking Andrew Lessman's Healthy hair skin and nails and my nails started to grow stronger and longer.  But, I still have the breaking on the sides of my thumb nails and my right middle finger.  It's crazy because its always just those 3.  If you find something that works let us know please and I will do the same!!!

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Shelbelle1274732749.5736499 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Take 5000 mcg Biotin daily, use Duri Rejuvacote and keep your nails filed squoval, square on the top, more rounded on the edges and sides.

just bee1274733265.7516016 PostsRegistered 1/3/2010Albuquerque, New Mexico

I used to get this a lot, but now that I keep them very short and remember to pop a daily multivitamin, I'm seeing fewer breaks.  I run into trouble if my hands are in water too often.  Softens the nails so they're at risk.  (I've never worn rubber gloves, but it might not be a bad idea!)

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