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Microdermabrasion - Thoughts? Is it really that great?

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How important is this in a good skin care regimen? Do you do it/have it done regularly? Is it really essential? If so, do you do it at home or go to a medspa? Would really like to hear some thoughts on this. TIA

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NickelEmily1392870759.3531980 PostsRegistered 7/14/2007

I have the PMD microderm tool. I probably don't use as much as many...maybe once every 3 or 4 weeks (I have sensitive skin and I fear that any more than that would be detrimental). I like it. It helps keep my skin clear and smooth. I've never done it at a spa or derm office. Dont think I need to as that tool is pretty darn strong as is.

Irishrose1­361392873608.5632008 PostsRegistered 12/26/2013NE PA

This is a quote from Paula's Choice website relating to fading skin discolorations:

"Microdermabrasion also is an option, but has much greater risks of damage to skin than laser treatments or higher-strength AHA or BHA peels, and the results aren't as impressive."

I considered it but decided my needs could be met with skin care as opposed to spending $$$ for a procedure, which I believe has to be ongoing. I guess it depends on what you want to accomplish, the nature of your skin, and how deep your pockets are. ;)

Irishrose1­361392874344.6632008 PostsRegistered 12/26/2013NE PA

I'm not sure if this is relevant to your situation (oily skin & large pores), but this is also from PC:

"Consider cosmetic corrective procedures. For all skin types, AHA or BHA peels, microdermabrasion, and laser resurfacing can improve the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads. However, these procedures don't necessarily improve pore functioning; rather, they temporarily get rid of the surface problem, which does make your skin look better. For best results, an in-office cosmetic procedure must be accompanied by an effective at-home skin-care routine."

I'm actually just wondering if I'm only telling you what you already know, BellaCarro. I've learned a great deal from you on the boards. I consider you the "teacher & mentor" that I would send the OP to. {#emotions_dlg.blink}

Bagsers1392904589.94139 PostsRegistered 4/3/2013
I used the PMD for a bit, but then I noticed some broken capillaries on my chin. I don't know that the PMD caused it, but I didn't want to chance it. So, I stopped using it.

JeanLouise­Finch1392908672.6712960 PostsRegistered 10/3/2011

If someone has a lot of facial scarring, it might help resurfacing happen faster. But for people who have a good skincare routine that includes a good amount of regular exfoliation (physical and chemical), I don't think it's really necessary.

lianne1392909911.771885 PostsRegistered 12/17/2007

I use my PMD a few times a week (red tips) and just started derma rolling. Microdermabrasion makes a huge difference when you do it regularly. My PMD is just as good as any professional microdermabrasion I have had.

Montana1392912860.3171899 PostsRegistered 7/1/2005

All the microdermabrasion creams I tried were too harsh. Very mild daily exfoliation and a weekly exfoliating mask works best for me. As I get older I have to be more gentle with my skin.

Rochester ­Shopper1392914906.5074928 PostsRegistered 7/20/2011Michigan

Bella, I am mixed about it. I have tried 3 microdermabrasion gadgets, all of which Kelly West was selling. (It seems every other year she starts promoting a new microdermabrasion gadget, but that is another discussion.) Whenever I see presentations on the micro-dermabrasion gadgets, I never hear any clinical studies or statistics.

MicrodermMD was the best fit for me. It has the same kind of tip as professional in-office machines.

At first, I really stuck with times a week for over a month. My skin got smoother immediately. I can't say I saw any differences in wrinkles and only a little on age spots and discoloration. I do not have experience with it's effects with scaring.

I backed down to once or twice a week because it interfered with my serum/lotion treatment regime. Now, I rarely use it unless I feel I need some smoothing.

For wrinkles, brightening, discoloration, my skin has better results with PTR peel pads, Retin A, Vit C, Obagi Clear, and LightStim.

My opinion is that if you looking for smoother skin, and/or don't want to use serums and peels, the microdermabrasion is a good tool. However, if you are looking for wrinkle and discoloration help, I think there are other options available.

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Liveoutloud1392944739.177557 PostsRegistered 9/26/2010

I did micro dermabrasion about 6 years ago but decided didnt want to spend that type of money . I decided by buying a few of the at home ones that would suffice. Well i have a friend who is in beauty school and needs to get "hours " to become licensed. so the school offers it very cheap-$12 a time.. so i decided to help her out.. well the clinical microderm blows away any at home version.

Bella Carro1392953360.568746 PostsRegistered 10/1/2011Atlanta
I came back to this this afternoon and wrote a nice long reply while waiting in the doctor's office only to find now it somehow did not submit. Even took extra time and care with the HTML code. Anyway...

RS, Kelly had a presentation on HSN last night which is what started my wheels turning. She's good but common sense prevailed. I just knew that good chemical exfoliation is probably better for me along with good daily care. This may be an area I would look to someone with experience to perform at an office if I really want to pursue it. I've always leaned toward chemical exfoliation so this is a testament to how good Kelly is!

Irishrose, what very nice things to say to me! I have learned lots from others here and if I can impart just a fraction of what they've taught me that makes me feel good. Between lots of research and experience from others here I've come a long way.

tiamaria1392988518.282632 PostsRegistered 7/25/2006

I had 7 sessions about 8 years ago. I cannot say I saw much of an improvement. My problem is sun damage causing sun spots. I have no wrinkles and 8 years ago I really didn't have many fine lines. As far as the sun spots go, there wasn't much of an improvement at all. As far as my overall face, not much to speak of. The sessions were only slightly uncomfortable, but obviously not relaxing like getting a facial every month. I paid $125 a session for a 6 sessions package and the 7th session was free. It was done at a skin care institute known for their excellent procedures. When you add the tip to the monthly session and add it all up, then compare with the results I got, I would say it was not worth the money. I probably should have gone the chemical peel route.

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