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I see Tova has launched her own website beautybytova. It seems like it is separate from the QVC umbrella. Could this mean Tova is preparing to be on her own? I see products available for purchase, many that say "coming soon". I'm hoping this means we finally can get the original cactine emollient that hasn't been seen in 10 years on QVC. Hopefully Tova can get more control over the line and we will see the things fro the heyday years of the early 90s like her great skin care products and Tova for men original? I won't even start on the original Tova for women formulation !!!

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Tsukiko1389543699.567786 PostsRegistered 3/11/2006Arizona

I just took a look and maybe you are right. Don't see her as much on QVC anymore so maybe she's going solo eventually. That might be a good thing, maybe get her control back over her own products. I will be bookmarking her sight. Thanks for the info.

CaChica1389547084.3075986 PostsRegistered 1/13/2006

I loved Tova's men's fragrance. I would order it if avail. again. I also enjoyed her mascara very much, along with the scent of it.

MarenSeatt­le1389553900.0875030 PostsRegistered 10/19/2013

Hasn't she always been "on her own" -- even while selling @ QVC? I seem to recall she had a salon or studio or something. It's all kind of fuzzy to me now. :-) It's been so long since she was on QVC so regularly.

gewisse1389555386.50334 PostsRegistered 1/8/2010

Hummm.... There was some interesting jewelry on that site also but it all had the QVC brand Diamonique in the name.

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addtothis1389563200.77248 PostsRegistered 2/22/2006New Jersey

OH MY GOODNESS!! Tova is so nice and I truly love her fragrances PLUS her skin care line back in the day. Hey, you have to do what you have to do---GOOD for her. Thank you for posting this thread OP!!Smile

Dazlin1389657607.581007 PostsRegistered 3/16/2007FL

I saw her site, and I wonder if the perfume is the same as what they sell on QVC??

Anyone know? It's alot higher priced. It also lists Qvc under shop products.

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