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Principal Secret Reclaim Botanical

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I couldn't resist...lol! Hers was the first skin care regimen I ever tried, back with the original Principal Secret and the infomercial featuring Aida Thibiant. I've tried the Advanced and the original Reclaim. Loved the first Principal Secret, loved the Advanced, never like Reclaim -- felt greasy and did nothing.

Had to try the Reclaim Botanical for old times' sake in spite of the not-so-great CS from Guthy Renker these days.

All I can say is this stuff is awesome! Nothing like Reclaim. It's a botanical and peptide based complex, with a several generations removed relative of retinol added (an alfalfa derivitive of some kind -- PS uses a lot of made-up names for their ingredients: Synant Peptide, Secretinol, APT, etc. -- hard to tell what it really is without doing a little digging). Argireline is still an ingredient.

I gave up retinol this year as it was thinning and drying my skin more than helping it, so the less effective retinol relative isn't an issue for me.

It's moisturizing without being greasy like the original Reclaim. The fragrance is fresh and botanical (green notes). The two serums (there's a third I recommend, which comes as a sample with the 90 day kit, and is supposed to be added to the the day and night serums for extra moisture) are light and absorb quickly. The creams are also fast absorbing and leave no greasy residue. The day cream includes a broad spectrum SPF 15. There's a nice eye cream, which probably isn't necessary, but if you like eye creams this one is fine. There's also a scrub and a mask, two more nice-but-not-necessary products.

The cleanser, however, is a departure from her usual cleanser formulation. This one is creamier and doesn't leave skin feeling as stripped as her old cleanser. I wouldn't have liked this even five years ago, but I really appreciate it now. It does rinse well and it does remove all makeup.

I am loving this system -- noticed definite improvement in overall tone, in dryness and in fine lines within a few days.

If you're a Principal Secret fan but didn't have great results with original Reclaim, this is much more like the first two lines than the old Reclaim.

One caveat: purchasing this line involves setting up a new account and so far it's not available for mix-and-match with the other products. Not sure why they're doing this and hope it changes. However, you can still get the other products at the "club price" if you order this.

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Alexa63521378922541.4711 PostsRegistered 7/18/2006

I use to use her Tinted Moisturizer. I loved it. It was all I need and I had it in all the colors. I use to use the BRONZE one took look Tanned all year round..I would get compliments on my SKIN all the time,always asking me what I used. I must have sold so many Tinted Moisturizer . I believe that she was the 1st to have such a product.....

saralinda1378927419.89760 PostsRegistered 6/25/2012Coast of Somewhere Beautiful

I liked that product, but it seems to be discontinued in the Sheer Beige. {#emotions_dlg.sad}

shelby161378928411.08319 PostsRegistered 2/14/2009
I also have been a long time user of Principle Secret...have tried other things, but always came back....The Reclaim agreed with my skin very well, but decided to try the Reclaim Botanical, and it was horrible for my skin...Broke me out and made my skin look inflamed....They were very good about exchanging it and I reordered my standard Reclaim....everyone skin reacts differently, but it did not agree with my skin at all....

Harpa1378986214.9878271 PostsRegistered 6/28/2007

Thank you so much for your analysis! I keep thinking what from the new botanical line I would like to try. I just don't think I need any changes at this point. But I do use some VP things (cleansers & eye things and the pressed powder.) I'll definitely try the new cleanser at some point.

The one thing that sort of bothers me is the [only] temporary effect from the VP exclusive Synant peptide. You're right about the made up names. That's so they can say they have exclusive formulas.

I guess if someone is needing a change and looking for a comprehensive line to try, this might be worth a look.

florabelle1378990688.25787 PostsRegistered 3/3/2006NW

I used Principal Secret from the beginning and loved the reclaim line for years until I got older and it didn't address my aging skin any longer. When the new Botanical line came out I bought the 90 days kit but after a few days I broke out in a rash around my mouth and chin. Although I loved the smell I had to send it back. I really wanted it to work for me but was disappointed I broke out from it.


twokats1378991681.01127 PostsRegistered 9/22/2007

I've been using the new line since the beginning of august. I love this new reclaim. I couldn't use the old reclaim for some reason. I love her new line, have notice major changes in my skin, even my age spots on my face are slowly fading. My husband remaked the other night that my skin looks so nice and he rarely notices things like that. I told him what I was using and he said stick with it, its working. My lines around my eyes are just about gone. I'm 57 and I think this is the perfect line for people over 40. LOVE!!!!

beckyb10121378992092.6172545 PostsRegistered 10/24/2007Tyler Texas

Like you I never liked the Reclaim but loved all the other lines. I knew she had this new botanical line but have been skittish about trying it. Thanks for the review, I think I will give it a chance!!


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