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OT: America's power grid to be taken down for a day 11/13-11/14 as a test!

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This is very real and frightening. I'm glad they are finally addressing our vulnerability from a cyber attacks, or a sun X flare that can take down our grid and info structure for a prolonged period. I'm more concerned though about what they aren't telling us as to intelligence regarding such planned attack, or of an eminent sun flare danger they know about. The sun is very active now and the risks of a strong enough a flare that can mean disaster are high. There is also concern that on the day they are taking it down there's an alignment with a near comet. If the grid goes down for real, there's no water, food deliveries, electricity, heat, banking, internet, and there probably will be marshal law. The government has been stockpiling very large amounts of all sorts of guns and ammo for years. I heard about it on a radio show last night and went to check and it's real. Kinda puts what lipstick shade to wear in perspective. It's also being taken down in Canada and Mexico, our neighbors. Very scary stuff!

NY Times article