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I received a $50.00 off a purchase of $100.00 coupon from Carson's store. Sounds good right? Until you read the exclusions on the back which is just about anything in the store! It would take me hours just to find something it doesnt exclude and of course is excludes makeup and fragrance. I think I am going to just pitch it. Has anyone else been able to actually find something to use it on that is not excluded? I'm just curious.

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Jordan21377617742.9272680 PostsRegistered 3/16/2010

That's why I love Khol's. When you earn the extra bucks you can use it on anything in the store, even cosmetics. Macys does that too they offer you a coupon for $10 off and have all these exculsions. What really bothers me is any clothing item that ends in an 8 is an everyday value and you can't get anything off of it!

NeNe10101377628004.967676 PostsRegistered 4/15/2008Central Indiana

Yes, I love Kohl's also and I think I will stick with them. It shouldnt be such hard work to try to use a coupon!

Be who you are. Say what you feel. Those who mind dont matter. Those who matter dont mind. Dr. Seuss

LuvsLabs1377633679.482227 PostsRegistered 7/2/2012

I used to like Penneys but I predict their demise by the end of the year. I discovered Kohl's and love it. Especially when you get Kohl's cash. They have quality merchandise, sales associates are nice and have lots of sales.

Brooke691377633714.54239 PostsRegistered 8/20/2013

Kohl's cash is awesome...they have me hooked

59251377634666.11993 PostsRegistered 1/3/2006

Macy's is the same way when they send out their 25% or 30% Off coupons.

Their list of exclusions is VERY long.

I think I was able to buy a set of wooden spoons once......

Ccassaday1377644568.3072767 PostsRegistered 4/18/2009
On 8/27/2013 Brooke69 said:

Kohl's cash is awesome...they have me hooked

You know kohls is very smart with this. How many people walk in with 20 dollars kohls cash and end up spending way over and walk out with another 10 or 20 bucks in kohls cash.

I went in with a 25 percent off coupon got my shark vacuum and pair of pants and 3 pair of undies. Got 40 bucks in kohls cash. Went back the next day to spend my last 20 dollars in kohls cash and spent 50 bucks so got another 10.lol. Now I have 50 dollars to spend this weekend. If you use it on stuff you really need and combine it with some sort of coupon it is a steal.

dancr1377799923.68790 PostsRegistered 10/22/2007

Love that Kohl's. I've got 20.00 in Kohl's cash burning a hole in my pocket right now. Their customer service is great. And a heads up for all of you tall jeans wearing ladies who aren't into labels. I'm a hard fit. I wear a size 16 tall, need a 33-34 " inseam. The brand Apt. 9 has baby bootcut embellished pocket jeans for 27.50 in short, reg and tall sizes, up to size 16. They come in curvy and in modern fit. Check out .com With my 30% off coupon, came down to 22 bucks each. Yipee.

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