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The perfector hair tool from calista

Started 1373134262.237 in Beauty Banter | Last reply 1375379604.25 by Angel1948
Does anybody know if this will be coming to the Q? I thought it might be due to calista, but maybe not because patty Reilly is promoting it on a infomercial.

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Maggie No­lia1373135811.6834093 PostsRegistered 11/8/2012

Saw it last night. Came here to ask for opinions from those who have used it. Found bad reviews elsewhere. Most said to save your money.

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Buck-i-Nana1373136123.9478961 PostsRegistered 9/26/2007South West Ohio

It is coming back to the Q. It's a TSV toward the end of the month.

I pre-ordered it, and have been using it now for a while and I LOVE it. My hair is layered, about mid-neck length and heavy. I get great body with the tool and the curve under at the ends so it looks just like when I walk out of the salon. The first time I tried it out, I even tried making it more curly, the vertical curls style, and it did it and my hair didn't tangle in the tool at all. I used to have a hot curling brush long long LONG ago that worked great on my then short hair, but when my hair got longer, it tangled in the tool and was a nightmare.

I'm loving my perfecter and have given my curling iron and in-styler to my granddaughters.

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Shoesnbags1373136278.3673256 PostsRegistered 6/26/2007New Orleans

There is another thread about the Calista Perfector on this board. I've copied my post from that thread:

I pre-ordered from the Insider and have used my Calista about 3-4 times now. I have thin, baby fine, straight hair cut in a short layered bob. The hairdryer I've used for years is a round brush that blows warm air, so I'm used to the technique of sliding a round brush through my hair and curving under at the ends. I wash my hair every other day, and on the days I didn't wash I had to dampen my hair and use the dryer to restore the lift and curve and get rid of funny bumps and bends from sleeping. Instead, on the day I didn't wash I used the Calista and it worked just the way I was hoping. First I tried it without the Calista spray, but the lift didn't last 5 minutes. Remember, I have super fine hair - literally like a baby. But the second time I used it, I tried the spray and my lift lasted all day. I just sprayed the root area and then used the Calista brush on that section of hair. Moved on and sprayed another root section then used the brush. Surprisingly, I was able to go an extra day before I had to wash my hair! I haven't watched the online video because I thought I'd just wait until it's the TSV and watch then. I can see where this might be a lot harder to use on long and/or thick hair. But for my finer, shorter hair it's a winner.


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Mary Bailey1373140367.1777941 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Here is my reply from the other thread:

On 7/3/2013 Mary Bailey said:

I got mine yesterday & just tried it.

Before I re-watched the infomercial this morning, I thought I'd be able to enhance my natural curly hair. My hair is long layered, short bob. Medium thickness.

On the low setting, it smooths it really well, but the curls are gone. The spray is really sticky. I don't like it all. I'm glad I didn't get it on auto-delivery.

I'm not sure if I'll keep it.

Last edited on 7/3/2013

I used it again today. My hair is wonderfully soft! I can't stop touching it. I think I can learn to curl my hair with this.

Last night I washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo, conditioned with Wen, then 4 drops of Carol's Daughter Monoi Oil. Air dry hair.

Normally in the morning I spritz my hair with distilled water & scrunch curls. It's never been this soft to the touch.

I'm going to keep the Perfecter and throw out the spray. I'm going to get rid of the In-Styler. The Perfecter is much, much better imho.


Adding today that I like it even more today. I smooth my naturally curly hair, then go back & curl the ends. I run my fingers through my hair to loosen the curls to make the look more casual. We went out in the humid weather today, came home and took a little nap. My hair still looks great!

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Paula_La1374529570.4772 PostsRegistered 7/22/2013

How would one go about pre-ordering this. I don't think I am going to be available to have a computer in front of me on the 26th. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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GlitzAndGl­amAddict1374553599.983638 PostsRegistered 7/17/2011NYC

I preordered this and sent it back. I had really high hopes for it, but for my lo,g thick, wavy hair it just didn't work.

Dani :)

Angel19481374612991.294687 PostsRegistered 8/23/2008DFW Metroplex , Tx.
I wonder how it would work for very short layered hair? It's probably only about 3 inches long on the top and crown and that is the longest , it's cut short at the nape.

GlitzAndGl­amAddict1374649926.56638 PostsRegistered 7/17/2011NYC
On 7/23/2013 Angel1948 said: I wonder how it would work for very short layered hair? It's probably only about 3 inches long on the top and crown and that is the longest , it's cut short at the nape.

It seems to work best on shorter hair. That seems to be the general concensus. My hair is 2-3 inches below my shoulders for reference.

Dani :)

JeanLouise­Finch1374657403.27312995 PostsRegistered 10/3/2011

I have fine hair, about to the middle of my shoulder blades in back and tapered on the sides. I pre-ordered and have already sent mine back, too, because the curl just wouldn't hold.

Angel19481375379604.254687 PostsRegistered 8/23/2008DFW Metroplex , Tx.
I got mine yesterday and since my hair is very short , the barrel is just way to big to do much to my hair so I guess I'll send it back and wait for a smaller barrel.

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