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Riivita microdermabrasion machine?

Started 1372052226.987 in Beauty Banter | Last reply 1375248562.043 by lainie5150

Did anyone else gets this from Shops' TSV a couple weeks ago? Have you used it yet, and what do you think about it? I got it Friday, but haven't used it yet, charging now. My concern is broken capillaries. I got it because it was the first machine that has three different levels of suction, but still a bit nervous! Please give me a thurough review of what you think it's done/not done for your skin so far! Thank you!

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lainie51501372099837.417777 PostsRegistered 12/2/2007Sacramento, Ca

Got mine last week - tried it twice - it does seem to fade the dark spots on the back of my hands - however, I am not sure what dragging a diamond tip across my face with a vacuum on the other end is supposed to do really - Will try again for a couple of weeks to give it a fair test - hand good, face - meh - nothing to speak of. The vacuum is not strong enough to really even feel it pulling on the skin so dont think broken capillaries are going to be an issue - I tried on the lightest and medium settings. Not ready to review quite yet, but so far, I am not blown away by the results - might be going back

NewNail1372100237.8432165 PostsRegistered 10/31/2011Los Angeles, CA
Dermabrasion is like lightly sanding your skin to achieve a smooth surface. I have the PMD machine and really liked it at first. But over time it has not been strong enough for me. I wonder how the PMD (with one suction setting) compares with this new machine at the highest suction setting ... I wonder which one is stronger?

Homebodyin­Michigan1372175170.23385 PostsRegistered 11/26/2010

Thank you for your replies! I am going to use today. Was going to use last night, but it is somewhat noisy, and hubby was already asleep, didn't want to wake him up! Are yours very noisy, too? I have not tried the PMD, so cannot compare, but Shop did carry them first, then switched to two different ones since, the latest being the Riiviva. I took a chance on this one because they said it was the strongest vacuum available, and made in U.S.A. Will report back in a cople weeks! Lainie, could you do the same? Thank you!

lainie51501372197933.733777 PostsRegistered 12/2/2007Sacramento, Ca

will definately check back in on it - it is nosiy - more than I expected I guess - I tried on the lowest setting for the vacuum the first time and bumped up to the medium setting the second time around - I did notice a difference in 2 uses on the age spots on the back of my hands - will report back when I have had it a couple of weeks

Homebodyin­Michigan1372246251.147385 PostsRegistered 11/26/2010

Thanks lainie5150, I will do the same!

Homebodyin­Michigan1372341937.563385 PostsRegistered 11/26/2010

Well...first report not good! Charged for 24 hours per instructions, and had enough charge to do my chin! woo woo! Will charge again today, maybe got a defective one!?!

lainie51501372363138.623777 PostsRegistered 12/2/2007Sacramento, Ca

my charge lasted long enough to do my face twice and back of my hands- I could tell it was getting weak and needed to be recharged at the end of second treatment for my face - I made sure ti was a full 24 hours on the original charge.

CallMeL1372392950.957233 PostsRegistered 8/13/2007OC, CA
Used mine two nights ago. It had charged for 24 hours and had plenty of charge to do my face twice and my neck. It is loud, but I think it works better on low than my Dr. Denese machine on 3. I used the finest tip and I could tell it really worked. I like that it didn't lose suction around and on my nose like the Dr D one and I had purchased an extra tip for the nose that never really seemed to get proper section.

Cool; dark brown w/ red and blonde highlights, blue eyes, fair.

Homebodyin­Michigan1372530871.633385 PostsRegistered 11/26/2010

Used it two nights ago, charged it longer, and it did my face, neck and hands before it started to slow down a bit . I've kept in on the charger for two days since. Has anyone used it more than the recommended once a week? My skin seems kind of rough, and thought about doing it again tonight. Or I also have Skinns' microderm scrub. Any thoughts? Also, the brochure said not to use it within five days of using retinol or retinoids. I usually use Isomers Retiniacin every other night, so kind of bummed and confused on what plan if attack I should go with! The retiniacin seems to be the only thing that keeps my acne and clogged pores away! But with this machine, maybe that will do the trick w/o Retiniacin! What do you ladies think?

Homebodyin­Michigan1372592802.267385 PostsRegistered 11/26/2010

bump! {#emotions_dlg.confused1}

Homebodyin­Michigan1372861379.64385 PostsRegistered 11/26/2010

bumpin' up again to keep visible! {#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}

theone1372861863.583271 PostsRegistered 8/10/2005

Thanks for the reviews. I so wanted to get this and hope it's offered again if it's good.


Homebodyin­Michigan1373221241.3385 PostsRegistered 11/26/2010

have used it three times now on lowest suction, and beginning diamond tip. Seems to be helping with fine lines on forehead a little bit. I think I may need to bump it up next time, as didn't see much skin cells/flakes on filter, when wiping off on dark grey towel. I wish the filters were black instead of white, so could actually see proof that it's working! Thinking that when I have to re-order filters, may get the black ones that go with the machine that Kelley West was selling, as they look to be the same size. Have decided to wait at least four days between treatments. They recommend once a week, but also heard Dr. Denese say to judge how often by how your skin feels when she was explaining her machine.She said some people may even be able to use hers up to three times a week, and I can't imagine this handheld one could be that much stronger than hers!?! Also would like to know if anyone uses their microderm machine, any brand, under eyes...very carefully, of course? Anyone else have more feedback for us? Appreciated!

StellaDiva1373236434.81134 PostsRegistered 10/15/2011

I have used it about four times. First times with fine head, low suction then med suction. Then med head and increased passes to two. I have tried the PMD and have the Crystallift and I like this best. Very maneuverable. I may also buy the smaller head to do my nose better. I did see bits of skin on the filter the last use. You will see flakes when you clean the head so you know something is being removed even if nothing is on the filter. I did see posts about the battery life but I used this plugged in. I think the Crystallift is going on ebay.

depglass1373289336.9525023 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006

How do you clean the head on this thing? Mine is not opened yet. But I did read reviews on another machine and it said use an ulttrasonic cleaner for the head. Of course they sell that, too. This is just a step too far for me, so I need good reviews before I open this thing. It appears to be sold out so no reviews that I could find.

Homebodyin­Michigan1373368771.077385 PostsRegistered 11/26/2010

Per instruction booklet (page 17) that came with your machine... "After each personal use, remove the tip. Soak your tip in warm soapy water to loosen debris. Use a brush and disinfectant soap to scrub debris from the diamond tip. Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry."

Homebodyin­Michigan1373872256.56385 PostsRegistered 11/26/2010


Homebodyin­Michigan1374451593.937385 PostsRegistered 11/26/2010

Well, tomorrow is the last day for me to send this back! Was hoping to see more reviews, so bumping up again. I did notice one little broken cap on my cheeck, unfortunately, even tho I keep skin taught, and move steadily. I wish the return time was more than one month! Everything takes longer to see results on my 53 year old skin! I'm going to bump up to stonger tip tonight, to see if there is a noticeable difference in efficiency! Will check back tomorrow (7/22/13) with thoughts! Have a wonderful Sunday evening ladies!

Homebodyin­Michigan1375245183.36385 PostsRegistered 11/26/2010

Bumping up from page 11 for Lainie5150, or anyone else who may have an opinion! Thanks!

lainie51501375248562.043777 PostsRegistered 12/2/2007Sacramento, Ca
Wel, had to send mine back. It would not hold a charge and I did not see any difference after 4 uses. Nothing in the filter to indicate that the vacuum was working, and it seemed to loose its power so to speak. It was just uncomfortable on my skin and I felt it had to be held at an odd angle for the vacuum to be effective. Basically huge thumbs down. I found the on/off button hard to push and it only wanted to work when plugged in, so not portable at all. After use I could not wait to get my serum and moisturizer on and my skin felt scrapped and damaged. One of those kick myself moments, I fell for another gimmick.

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