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Sherri Shepherd wigs

Started 1371411086.943 in Beauty Banter | Last reply 1371606580.567 by tarsmom

Did anyone see the presentation and/or purchase? Wondering about the quality--the price seems reasonable.

formerly agbern

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anitagayle1371516249.3171307 PostsRegistered 5/20/2009

No one watched?

formerly agbern

Grade1Teach1371548629.5210350 PostsRegistered 12/2/2007Long Island

I was flipping through the other day and saw them.

I have no idea about quality or anything like that, but I did remember thinking that they looked very fake on some of the models.


tarsmom1371606580.567205 PostsRegistered 4/23/2006


I rec'd mine today, it's going back. It looked too 'over the top'. It's my fault, I shouldn't have bought the blond, auburn, brown one. A little too much going on. The quality was good though. Hope that helps a little!


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