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Hollywood Trends Gel Nails-RAVE!

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Been using Mally's gel nails and I like them but the dark colors are hard to do plus there are too many steps. I tried the hollywood trends nail polish which is a one step gel nail polish. It is amazing girls you got to try this polish from the northern channel.

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catlover1367803751.858555 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004New York

please tell me more-I've been wanting to get a nail gel system to do at home-but the whole thing is a little bit intimidating......

Mostly, not being able to get the nail polish off-they showed one on shopnbc and it did not look so,easy to remove-and they thought that it was fast!


Katharita1367804098.836751 PostsRegistered 11/19/2008Hooterville, Texas

Thanks for the review.

I googled it (because I don't know that The Northern Channel means sNBC) and found it.

It looks like a traditional gel polish system, but it says "No base or top coat needed", so I guess that's why it would be faster to apply and to remove.

Does it last 2+ weeks like other gel polishes?

I would be concerned that my nails would get discolored over time if I didn't use a base coat.

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Tsukiko1367810131.317786 PostsRegistered 3/11/2006Arizona

Hi all!

I posted my review on another thread if you'd like to read it HERE

I have to say this is the easiest gel nail polish. Just 2 coats. Period. Much faster than traditional nail polish as you don't have to deal with a base or top coat. I also just realized the the remover is non acetone. I haven't tried that because it hasn't arrived yet.

MaryS11368739831.210 PostsRegistered 4/4/2011

Used it on my toes for a week then tried removal -- didn't want to peel off my fingernails. Was easily removed with no damage. Re-did toes and did fingers. Its been on for 2 weeks. I removed polish from index finger just to peek. No hassle getting it off, no discoloration. Repolished. I only use 1 coat and get the color, shine and durability. Drawback is color choice -- colors are sold in pairs, 1 good color one horrible per set. $28/set. Keep waiting for more colors to show up.

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