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WEN vs Salon Grafix

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Has anyone used Salon Grafix. I know it is a knock off of Wen .. I am not thinking it would be better than Wen just trying to see if its even close.. the cost would be half of what i spend on wen.

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JeanLouise­Finch1365890686.89712991 PostsRegistered 10/3/2011

Some people like it, but for me it was horrible. I began using WEN in Sept. 2011. My daughter, a hairstylist, thought I was nuts, but by the late 2011/early 2012 she caught Chaz on a QVC spot I was watching and suddenly was interested. I gave her some to try and she was hooked. Around the same time, Walgreens was running an online special on Salon Grafix Conditioning Cleanser - Buy One, Get TWO Free. A little concerned that there were now two of us with a WEN habit to support, I thought I'd try to make it stretch by mixing some SG into our routine. I bought a ton of it since it was such a good deal. I tried it once and was immediately convinced I'd never use it again. For all the good I'd been doing with WEN CC, it was immediately undone by the SG. The SG sucked every bit of moisture from my shoulder length hair and it snarled up like crazy. I had to work very long and very carefully to get a comb through. When I asked my DD what she thought of it, unprompted, she told me she had a similar experience. We both decided it was a big mistake to try to get the same results from a poor copycat. IMO, the scent isn't that great either. It's supposed to be a citrus cream, but there was nothing pleasant about it. WEN smells much better. I ended up returning the unused bottles and joined the "Never Again Club"! For someone with short hair, maybe it's OK, but not for me.

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mcrios1365957071.9541 PostsRegistered 3/19/2012
ITA!! I purchased the Moroccan macadamia for dry or damaged hair by Salon Grafix from target. I think it was around $10 for 12oz. This stuff is awful! I ended up using twice as much as I do to clean my hair compared to Wen, and could hardly get my fingers through my hair to do so. Combing my hair was trouble also. It was like washing my hair with a clarifying shampoo and not using conditioner afterwards. It is less expensive , but does not even come close to WEN. I've also tried other copy cats like Hair One and Lisa Rachel. I have not found anything that compares to WEN. It's the only thing that works for me.

UMDTerpFan1366091565.452336 PostsRegistered 3/26/2010

I've checked reviews on Makeupalley and they weren't great. I love WEN but it doesn't love me so I've found some lines that work for me. As I Am Coconut Conditioning Cleanser (I mix with Tresamme Flawless Curls Conditioner) and HairOne's Cucumber and Aloe and Tee Tree all sold at Sally Beauty. I've also tried L'Oreal's Evercurl Hydracharge Cleansing Conditioner and the first three washes are fine, then I get a product buildup and need to switch products.

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