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Dr. Sevinor Face Lift Solution


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catlover1365276314.48120 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004New York

the reviews are beyond great and the on air demos looked very good as well.............


gazelle771365276440.7810026 PostsRegistered 3/1/2013

I watched the presentation. Was not impressed with the results. It will probably end up in the clearance section as many of their new vendors do. I could not imagine wearing that awful pulling/ taunt mask for 30 minutes and then peeling it off.

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Sawn1365276463.687758 PostsRegistered 2/9/2006

Hi catlover - I have been looking at this also. I do hope you get some replies from some Beauties who've tried it!

Meanwhile, I am going to go ahead and order it. I'll be happy to report my findings :)

Have a nice weekend!

catlover1365279136.5138120 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004New York

It's on extended delivery-not sure how long that will take-will post reviews.


Shelbelle1365279792.9936068 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

A few very poor reviews in there too. I was never one for peel off masks, always found them difficult to remove.

luv2drive1365279821.143223 PostsRegistered 7/31/2007

I'd be interested in hearing the reviews on this, too. The fact that it's supposed to continue the results even into the next day sounds good to me!

smhr1365280206.8773822 PostsRegistered 1/16/2012laid back and mellow town USA

Gimmicky. I noticed the models didn't smile or move their heads. Actually, it was the HSN host that kept turning their heads. Eventually, it will show up in the clearance section.

UMDTerpFan1365318226.1232144 PostsRegistered 3/26/2010

I saw the presentation too & ordered it. Smhr, the models didn't smile or move their heads while it was on because it is a mask that is supposed to dry and stay on for about 20 minutes then you peel it off. It is different from PTR's FirmX, SSC's Instatox and the Genie stuff in which you were supposed to keep your face still till the product dried and then put your products over it. I tried every one of those and none of them worked for me. Trying to put serums & moisturizer and then cosmetics over top was awful. There were some pretty impressive after photos of the doctor's product but then again, some stuff works for some folks but not others. At least this guy is a doctor who is actually certified to do plastic surgery so he knows the make up of the tissues, skin, etc. so I'm willing to give his product a try.

Aubree Jen­kins1365336608.83317 PostsRegistered 3/25/2013USA

I posted a thread on this too. It looks like a really great product I may try.


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