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O/T - Good Hotel in Washington, DC?

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I'm attending a conference in Maryland in April and am planning on taking a few additional days to visit DC. Does anyone have a recommendation on a somewhat reasonably priced hotel in a convenient location that is safe? I'll be by myself and not at all familiar with DC and everything I'm finding is quite pricey.


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VaBelle351362947692.66710157 PostsRegistered 11/19/2004VA suburbs of Washington, DC

In April, NOTHING will be reasonably prices. It is our high season. Depending upon how far out you are, you may want to stay there and commute in each day.

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Lizzy Benn­et1362948166.007615 PostsRegistered 2/4/2011
I agree. Stay in MD and take Metrorail ( subway) into DC. You definitely do not want to drive into DC. Too easy to get lost and end up where you don't want to be, and there's nowhere to park. If you are in the Maryland suburbs, there is probably a Metrorail station nearby. There are always plenty of cabs at Metro stations so you could easily take a cab from your hotel to the metro station and back.

VaBelle351362948923.37310157 PostsRegistered 11/19/2004VA suburbs of Washington, DC

Check with the conference hotel and see if they have any type of day tours or shuttles to DC. I know when I travel, a lot of the hotels have packages and offer day tours to various sites.

My boyfriend is a big fan of the DC Ducks tour. He has taken every person who has come to visit on that thing. It's a lot of fun for kids and adults, too.

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lh89901362949090.21168 PostsRegistered 2/14/2006

I've stayed in the JW Marriott right in downtown DC (next door to the White House) and it was very convenient to all of the city sights. If you cannot get something at a reasonable price, you could look into the Marriott Bethesda North (make sure it is the NORTH one). It has a Metro stop right in front of the hotel and that takes you directly into the downtown area (about a half hour ride). It was very convenient for visiting DC.

And yes, I agree... DO NOT try to bring a car into DC. no parking anywhere.

Have fun. There is so much to see and most of it is FREE!!

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jwabbit1362949652.376 PostsRegistered 1/3/2013

Like the others have mentioned, the Metro Rail is the best way to travel in DC. It's pretty fast, easy to navigate through, and efficient. Check out www.metroopensdoors.com or www.wmata.com for the map, schedule and planner.

We lived in Northern VA for 5 years and had family visit several times. Walking to all the historic attractions is do-able but very tiring.

I really recommend doing a bus tour to maximize your time there and see the sights in a safe, informative, and fun way. My sister, mom and I did the DC It All Tour at http://www.onboarddctours.com/. It was great having your tour bus drop you off and pick you up without the hassle of trying to park or figure our where you are.

If you have extra time, you can go back to spend more time at the Smithsonian or the Library of Congress (my favorites) on your own.

Have a great time at your conference and visit!

(I'm not sure why some part of my message came out in bold print...sorry.)

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photodreamr1362950071.07112 PostsRegistered 10/31/2010Columbia, MD

If you are coming at the beginning of April, the cherry blossom festival will be going on. It is a must see. Which also means a lot more traffic.

Sometimes GROUPON has a deal for a DC hotel, not sure if they have any right now.

Have a Sparkling Day!


Manolosand­Choos1362955959.857556 PostsRegistered 2/1/2013

I don't know if it is still there, but we stayed at the Virginian in Arlington on our last visit 10 years ago. It was a 3 minute walk to the Iwo Jima monument in Arlington, and a 5 minute walk to the subway station. It was reasonable and had a kitchenette, so we could make simple meals in the room.

KateChopin1362974243.5834322 PostsRegistered 1/17/2010

The Hyatt, the Watergate, or even the Holiday Inn in Roslyn, where you can just walk over the bridge into Georgetown.

Vyv1362983332.023133 PostsRegistered 7/10/2012

The other ladies have given great advice but if you are still set on staying in DC stay away from anything on the east side.

BlingQueen­0221362984108.4835481 PostsRegistered 9/23/2012
Do not walk the streets texting or talking on your cell phone or somebody will run up and grab it and run away with it. Also, do not use any kind of tablet on the metro the same thing will happen. Lots of crooks in DC. Also, most importantly, avoid riding metro buses in DC people have gotten shot while riding them. Sorry to be a downer, but this is the way it is lately in the DC area.Last edited on 3/11/2013

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Barbara in­ Virginia1362985900.6577895 PostsRegistered 5/22/2010

We always stay at the Hotel Lombardy whenever we need a hotel in DC. It is a small hotel with a very European feel and a good value for the money. Location is great, very close to the Mall and the White House. You can see more at the web site. And also read reviews on Trip Advisor.


BigBro61362991660.8172775 PostsRegistered 11/15/2007Lafayette New Jersey

Thanks for posting, my husband and I will be visiting DC in April too. Great info !!!!

haddon91362994597.036233 PostsRegistered 10/18/2005Bucks County, Pa
On 3/11/2013 BlingQueen022 said: Do not walk the streets texting or talking on your cell phone or somebody will run up and grab it and run away with it. Also, do not use any kind of tablet on the metro the same thing will happen. Lots of crooks in DC. Also, most importantly, avoid riding metro buses in DC people have gotten shot while riding them. Sorry to be a downer, but this is the way it is lately in the DC area.Last edited on 3/11/2013

I would say that this is good advice for most major cities!

sueinsf1363040564.7432493 PostsRegistered 9/5/2006

Thanks everyone -- all very good info. I did check Hotel Lombardy (which looked nice) but they have a 4 night minimum and I will only be there 3 nights (and now I think they are showing sold out)and JW Marriott was too expensive. But I was able to find something in DC (NW) with good reviews. I won't have a car so it will probably be mostly walking, metro and an occasional cab.

Now I will have to investigate things to do. We have a duck tour here, wonder if that is similar? I've heard the monument tour at night is good too. Too bad they are not doing tours of the White House now! I will be there April 17-20, so not sure if the Cherry Blossom Festival will still be on.

Shelbelle1363041096.6535526 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Park Hyatt, Renaissance, Fairmont, Westin all on same block, and very good location, on the pricey side.

kate23571363041316.5471478 PostsRegistered 2/26/2012

try looking at tripadvisor.com for hotel rec's and other rec's. Read all the reviews and decide what is important to you. I tend to read the negative reviews you can sort by that to see if the things that annoyed that person would annoy me. For example, if they complained about the free breakfast, that wouldn't be a deal breaker. But if they said it was noisy or dirty or in an sketchy area of town...I move on.

Then after reading about places on tripadvisor I usually go to hotel website or other travel site to get the best deal.

Have fun in DC. Hope you're there for the cherry blossums!

msmouse1363045713.453157 PostsRegistered 2/26/2007New York City

Kimpton hotels is having a sale on DC area hotels. Check them out, they have a number of properties in DC.

gemini401363045790.223352 PostsRegistered 8/24/2007

The Washington Hotel across from the White House beautiful grand hotel.!!!!!

Q2girl1363046417.0031853 PostsRegistered 1/3/2012
Every year we stay at the Raddison in Crystal City. There is a Metro station just a block away and Nordstrom is pretty close too. We stay there because they have Select Comfort mattresses, so we know we will get a good nights sleep.

Q2girl1363046738.1231853 PostsRegistered 1/3/2012
It's called the Hotel Washington. Thanks for the info!Last edited on 3/11/2013

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rina331363049910.9975157 PostsRegistered 6/17/2008
On 3/10/2013 Danae24 said:

The Hyatt, the Watergate, or even the Holiday Inn in Roslyn, where you can just walk over the bridge into Georgetown.

Or the Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington. You walk over the Key Bridge and you're in Georgetown. It's a beautiful walk over the Potomac River.

rina331363050390.665157 PostsRegistered 6/17/2008

Here's the Key Bridge Marriott overlooking the river.


drizzellla1363050813.0131600 PostsRegistered 7/16/2007

We stayed at the Mandarin Oriental. Our room overlooked the Jefferson Memorial. In fact you felt like it was right next to the hotel. So you are right off the Mall. An easy walk to everything. We used our Disney Vacation points so it did not cost us anything.

Funny thing about the Cherry Blossoms. It just takes one heavy rain to miss it. We took our son when he was in first grade. We stayed at the Hyatt. And there was a heavy rain the night we arrived. So we went to see all the Cherry blossoms the next day. The beautiful pink petals were all on the ground not on the tree.

Take comfortable shoes.

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mooshka1363053316.173 PostsRegistered 4/23/2006
If you need a last minute hotel in Washington or any major city try Hotel Tonight app. You can choose 1 to 5 nights. The hotels are pretty good. If you want discount let me know and I will post my discount number. It is my go to for road trips.

ritasNo1Fan1363057249.1472013 PostsRegistered 7/10/2006left coast

Before my retirement, I had travel to Alexandria, Va. to work for weeks at a time. Hilton Alexandria, wonderful hotel! My co-workers actually fought each other to make their reservatons there before they were fully booked. Four miles from Reagan Airport, use the hotel's shuttle service. Also, the D.C. Metro is right outside the door and will take you directly to the Mall. No need for a car. One of the better Hiltons. Much better than the one here in San Francisco. Check out their website. They probably have package deals. HILTON ALEXANDRIA MARK CENTER

Now that I am not working, I plan on going back there to do the same thing you are doing!

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