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What is the best lengthening mascara (without fibers) that you have tried+++

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Thanks so much!!

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minwife1358801833.803169 PostsRegistered 7/15/2009

I've recently been using E.L.F. Mineral Infused Mascara. I really like it. Lengthens my lashes, no clumps & no fall-out. Not waterproof but comes off easily when you're ready.

I tried the Maybelline Rocket mascara. It was horrible and I threw it away.

Tricolor1358802020.845631 PostsRegistered 4/19/2010Pittsburgh Suburbs

Bare Minerals Curl and Definition is very nice. I am not a BE fan but do like this mascara.

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rachelmarye1358802730.7993 PostsRegistered 7/11/2012www.youtube.com/user/missrachelme

I really like the original Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara for length. They have a volume version of it too, which I didn't particularly care for.

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Rainbows a­nd Roses1358803345.40718545 PostsRegistered 6/4/2011

100% Pure Mascara

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lobstergal1358803489.7633812 PostsRegistered 12/3/2010

L'oreal Telescopic

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maestra1358819426.7838816 PostsRegistered 3/13/2008

YSL Shocking Mascara. No clumps, false eyelash look for sure and no flakies or smears. I loved Lancome Hypnose but this is mascara is sheer eyelash heaven!

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dsky1358819508.931102 PostsRegistered 1/3/2009

Ojon or Mally's.

catlvr1358820686.7975855 PostsRegistered 5/5/2005
For me it is Mally's. catlvr

Sabear1358823061.4971755 PostsRegistered 6/6/2007
On 1/21/2013 lobstergal said:

L'oreal Telescopic

This mascara works great and it is a reasonable price.

KatCat11358823498.7818213 PostsRegistered 7/21/2011

Origins Fringe Benefit for $16.

LovemyBE1358824344.71725588 PostsRegistered 7/11/2008

Tarte LCL mascara and Benefit They're Real mascara.

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doggy-lover1358824562.6171130 PostsRegistered 11/4/2011Texas

First apply Clinique's Lash Primer followed by Cliniques High Lengths (this specific one) mascara. This is what I use. This duo is the best on the market IMHO. The primer is 15.00 and the mascara is 16.00. Both will last you a long time withOUT drying out too quickly.

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