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Something that bugs me about QVC

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I am aware this is not a big deal but it bugs me - they never sell lipsticks as singles. They are almost always in sets like 3 or 4 or 6 etc. I may like one or two of the colors but you have to buy a whole set. I wish they would sell lipsticks in singles more - i don't want to pay for ones I don't want.

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knittybitty1355585841.79414 PostsRegistered 12/15/2008

Do you tend to stay with similar colors in lipstick? I know I do! Maybe some ladies are adventurous and like different colors. Me, I know my color wheel and I know what I can't wear. I just paid $25 for a Tarte lipsurgence at Sephora, and the set of 5 was, what, $39? Much better value for the set, but I really just wanted the ONE in my color. I totally hear ya!!

tucsongal1355585888.822169 PostsRegistered 7/1/2007

I kind of doubt that they would have that many sales of single lipsticks due to high shipping costs and better deals elsewhere. I think the only advantage QVC has is to offer sets that are a better deal than single purchases. I understand your feelings though--I can't think of one lipstick set purchased here where I kept and used every color for an extended period. On the other hand, I would have to absolutely love the color and not be able to find it anywhere else to purchase singly here.

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Farmers da­ughter1355587978.4731415 PostsRegistered 8/28/2008

Try putting all lipsticks in the above Search Bar, and some single ones should come up.

ByTheBay1355588648.7373941 PostsRegistered 1/3/2008

Do you like Bare Minerals lipsticks? They are sold separately with reduced shipping if you buy two or more.

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ChouChou1355608435.277350 PostsRegistered 4/21/2008

For the most part I agree with you. However, I REALLY, REALLY wanted Lipstick Queen's Medieval lipstick. I couldn't find it as a single anywhere. So, I had to break down and buy the 3 lipstick discovery set that Poppy had about a year ago. It had two shades that I never would have purchased. I tried then and I just love them. They are just great. In fact, I might even like them better than the Medieval!

KatCat11355609065.18718217 PostsRegistered 7/21/2011

I agree. I think they do it to make more money and extra shipping charge. Laura Geller had a trio but I only liked the one color so I went to Macy's to buy it.

Sunshine K­ate1355609534.34312989 PostsRegistered 11/13/2006The Beautiful Mountains & Western Sky

I prefer singles too.

However, I don't think QVC is necessarily the best place to buy lipstick. Other brick and mortar stores sell tons of beautifully shaded lipstick. I can find whatever I want lots of places other than QVC.

Perkup1355610326.1837206 PostsRegistered 12/24/2008

I'm often disappointed with the sets, because I have very pale Irish skin, white hair, and lots of birthdays behind me. I am best in light coral shades, but sometimes pinky/coral shades. It never ceases to amaze me that the so-called beauty experts bring in the deep wines, dark reds, plums, etc. and say that they are just fine for everyone. Those colors make me look like a zombie - wouldn't be caught dead in them. Why can't they offer instead a set of lighter shades, a multi shade set, and a set of darker shades. That would be good for almost everyone.

feline fine1355611006.073178 PostsRegistered 9/4/2012where Phillies fans rule

Then don't buy from them.

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maximillion1355611794.32309 PostsRegistered 12/8/2008

The shipping charges would probably cost as much for one lipstick or more. Most people would not be willing to pay that much S&H for just one lipstick. Also, I think they figure that this way you will try the brands other shades, too.

MalteseMom­ma1355611885.3838061 PostsRegistered 8/15/2006

buy just one at drugstore.com (beauty.com)

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desertDi1355615803.5317468 PostsRegistered 7/14/2007Surface of the Sun

Can you imagine paying that much shipping for ONE little lipstick????????

Kathlen1355616345.36314896 PostsRegistered 8/7/2006East Side, West Side, All Around The Town ... London Bridge is Falling Down

At one time I read that products on the shopping channel hads to sell for a minimum of $15 in order to make a profit. So - they would double up the products that are less than that $15 each.

That was quite a few years ago - the minimum dollar amount is probably much higher now.

ETA: I should have said that items presented on air had a minimum. I think in inventory and not aired that may not apply.

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Grade1Teach1355617056.27310350 PostsRegistered 12/2/2007Long Island

I have seen lipsticks sold as "singles" on QVC.com. However, I think you would have better luck buying the same colors from Sephora or drugstore.com. Their shipping lower than QVC's or FREE!

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