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Does anyone know what is in the next IT Cosmetics AD that is shipping next week from previous TSV?

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Hi! I forgot I signed up for AD on the IT Cosmetics TSV that was back in June. I returned the original order and assumed that would cancel me. I got a notice that the next AD will be shipping next week, and I can't seem to find anywhere what all is in the kit. It gives me the option to edit or cancel, but when I click on the item number or try to enter it in the search, nothing. Thanks for any insight you might have!!!!

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Neytiri1355579317.651247 PostsRegistered 6/28/2012The Hallelujah Floating Mountains of Pandora

I believe it is an exact duplicate of the first kit. If I remember it was the face disc (bronzer, blush, and luminizer), a brush, and concealer.

Jake, Awah has heard you!

russiachin­amommy1355579479.11147 PostsRegistered 3/6/2008

thank you for the information!!!

Neytiri1355579630.521247 PostsRegistered 6/28/2012The Hallelujah Floating Mountains of Pandora
On 12/15/2012 russiachinamommy said:

thank you for the information!!!

You are welcome!

Jake, Awah has heard you!

turtle521355579949.0072950 PostsRegistered 2/22/2008

I happened to glance at my A-D orders and saw that I was on auto delivery for this item. I had totally forgotten. I cancelled it since I have so much product left from the first shipment that I will never need any more. However, it does make a great gift!

This too shall pass.

Farmers da­ughter13555802011415 PostsRegistered 8/28/2008

Ask CS to put it on a check status until you can find out. I had to do that w/ a recent Josie Maran A/D. No one could give me the color stick color until it was due out. It would be nice if It gave you some new colors!!

untitled1355580273.617970 PostsRegistered 4/15/2012

Yes, the same but with a Damsel Lipstick instead of the Je Ne Sais Quois.

russiachin­amommy1355580313.977147 PostsRegistered 3/6/2008

thanks, ladies! I do wonder if they will send a different brush? I didn't have a use for the huge one that was in the kit....I didn't think I needed the concealer, but lately, summer bisque doesn't seem to be cutting it for me, unfortunately!

CAshopper2­0111355613213.8533746 PostsRegistered 12/20/2009
Same brush. Someone asked Jaime about it on FB a while back i remember. She said that Damsel was the new lipstick and everything else (including brushes) identical. I cancelled mine but what a great kit it was!! One of my favorite Q kits of all times.

CAshopper2­0111355613414.413746 PostsRegistered 12/20/2009
Russiachina - i find creamy concealers like Its work better for me in the winter. Powdery concealers like bisque are good in summer but drying for me in winter. I hadnt touched my It concealer in months but am back to using it daily these past several cold winter weeks.

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