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Laura Mercier

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20% off and free shipping on $50 ends today on her website. (I posted this earlier, but think it got "poofed" for some reason.) :/

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naturalfan1355584432.7274443 PostsRegistered 1/27/2009

Were LM products ever sold on QVC? I think I remember her presenting her products but she was on only a very short time. Am I dreaming this?

Neytiri1355585066.7431247 PostsRegistered 6/28/2012The Hallelujah Floating Mountains of Pandora
On 12/15/2012 naturalfan said:

Were LM products ever sold on QVC? I think I remember her presenting her products but she was on only a very short time. Am I dreaming this?

Nope, you are fine. She did present them. I think they had a rep present them too a couple of times, now no on air presentations. I haven't even checked in A LONG TIME to see if they are even still offered at the Q online.

Jake, Awah has heard you!

smhr1355585518.1773828 PostsRegistered 1/16/2012laid back and mellow town USA

The Laura Mercier products once were sold through QVC. They were pushed out of the QVC beauty market along with 100% Pure, Nick Chavez, Smashbox, Trish McEvoy to name a few. A BIG THANKS to the beauty award voters that keep the repetitive makeup lines on.

Good job, voters Wink.

KatCat11355585753.0418212 PostsRegistered 7/21/2011

I have never tried Laura Mercier but I will have to take a look at their products. Thanks for the post. I won't be buying today as I am spent too much money already! Ho! Ho! Ho! as I cry all the way to the bank! Have a nice weekend. I am going to check out the website now.

Cosmetics_­Crazy1355596436.321094 PostsRegistered 5/21/2011

Recently I ordered the LM set from Sephora with her primer, tinted foundation, concealer and powder combo and I am not sure if I am liking it or not. It may have been coincidence, but my face broke out horribly after using it several days. I do not have sensitive skin, and I do use cones and oils on my skin without problems. No hormonal issues either. Will have to try again after the holidays, but am hesitant. Its kind of like that association where if you get sick after eating a particular food, even if it had NOTHING to do with it, you are hesitant to try it again. I am NOT saying it caused the problem, but will tread lightly in the future, lol!

I did like the finish and coverage I received, or would already scrap it. But it was worth another chance, just later.

NewNail1355601406.5072165 PostsRegistered 10/31/2011Los Angeles, CA
Her MINERAL foundation is awesome ... Better than BM.

Grade1Teach1355617361.2710350 PostsRegistered 12/2/2007Long Island

Oh no! I didn't know this sale was going on! I just ordered the Vanille Gourmande perfume on Tuesday... I could have ordered something else with that 20% off... {#emotions_dlg.sneaky}

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