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Lash Lining Tool Question

Started 1355527259.72 in Beauty Banter | Last reply 1355587666.077 by HisElk

Has anyone ever tried the Too Faced 3-way lash lining tool? If so, what are you opinions? I saw this advertised in a magazine and am curious.

Thank you for any opinions you wish to share.

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lobstergal1355541633.0733813 PostsRegistered 12/3/2010

Hi HisElk!

Sorry I can't help you out, I've never seen this tool but I wanted to bump this up for you so maybe someone who knows about it can.

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Makeup Add­ict1355544259.2278987 PostsRegistered 12/27/2006
Check out musings of a muse website and search for too faced. She did a great review.

Dillon1355583325.64118 PostsRegistered 7/24/2008

I'm on my second one! I like it because you can make a very fine line with it. My sister tried it and did not care for it...she said it smudged.

HisElk1355587666.053040 PostsRegistered 9/30/2012

Thank you everyone for your posts. I'm on my way to check out that website, makeup addict.

Dillon, you said you are on your second one... how long did the first one last, if I may ask?

Lobstergal, thanks for the bump to my thread. Last I looked last night, there were no responses, so thanks again. Hope you are doing well!

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