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Fess Up Friday Beauties!!! What Goodies Have You Purchased The Past TWO Weeks?

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We have been traveling and my home was part of a tour the weekend before.....so I didn't get to post.

I have a long list of goodies, but have to run DH to the MD for kidney stones this morning. He's had surgery once, but wasn't very successful.

I'll go ahead a post a couple of goodies:

* New Kate Spade Turquoise Purse ( quilted with the chain handles ON SALE)

* Two Tory Burch purses for my DD.

* Chanel Precision Moisturizer

* Chanel's new Nail Polish in a Christmas Red. Will post exact names and designs this afternoon when we get back!!!

Thanks to everyone who participates!!!!

SHOP ON!!!!!

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ItsJustMe1355644814.2747 PostsRegistered 11/6/2012

40 carrots Moisture Splurge

LG Balance & Brighten

another JM Beauty Case set

Cheetah/Black reversable Hoodie

Grasshopper Tennis Shoes

24 piece set - Spode Christmas Tree China- I can't wait to set the table with this, it is so beautiful!

more Silver Reindeer ornaments and bows

dakotacher­yl1355656815.231524 PostsRegistered 12/12/2008near Mt Rushmore

Let's see...a couple of Benefit's cream eyeshadows

replaced a soon to be empty bottle of Pureology conditioner (this is sold at my Target store now !!!, just in the formula I use....the "Smoothing" line)

Shalimar perfume for one of my Mom's Christmas presents

A Nintendo 3DS XL, and two games for grandson's Christmas

Some stocking stuffers

A new case for my iPad that I use for work

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