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Best DIY haircolor to give multi-dimensional color?

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Im looking for opinions on which at home haircolor gives the best multi-dimensional look, as opposed to just an all flat one color look. Would appreciate any opinions. Thanks.

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snipsnapsn­ur1354046786.833312 PostsRegistered 12/12/2010

OK, I am not a hairdresser so this is just my opinion. I thought you could only get multi-dimensional color by having highlights and lowlights done - and to me, that means having it done in a salon. Not something I would ever try at home{#emotions_dlg.scared}.

Harpa1354047230.1778252 PostsRegistered 6/28/2007

I only just color my roots and always choose a shade lighter than my normal hair color. Sometimes I streak the color through my hair; sometimes not. My hair always comes out perfectly and in a way, it is multi-dimensional.

If I were to color my hair all over, I would choose two shades to work with. To me, that would be as simple as possible for DIY.

There are box colors that I have seen OTC that say they are multi-dimensional. Maybe someone has used those and can vouch for them.

Nunu4u1354047298.888755 PostsRegistered 9/22/2006

I haven't used L Oreal's Feria but a friend did and she loved it. I did see a multi dimensional effect that was pretty.

CANDLEQUEEN1354047554.4639812 PostsRegistered 12/23/2004Wisconsin

I love Kelly Van Gogh's multi dimensional hair color-but it is very very pricey!!!29.00 for the refills but it really does give multi color and the shades are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!You also may want to try out Aloxxi-I see that advertised all the time in magazines!!!!!!!!I also think there is a website called E-Salon as well for multi dimensional shades-you answer some questions and then they mix the color for you-I think its about 25.00!!!!!

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kermiefrog1354047728.82785 PostsRegistered 4/25/2005

Nice 'n Easy gives dimension - kind of like sunkissed effect on my hair. I use a medium blonde shade and I am very pleased with the results. I have several different shades of medium blonde when I use it.

Msgdfx1354050779.433215 PostsRegistered 6/15/2006Los Angeles

Hi. For natural looking results, I have had the best luck with Feria and Sally's Ion haircolor. In terms of the Ion, the color runs pretty dark. So, you would need to choose a tone or 2 lighter than what you want.

dfyre1354056222.91259 PostsRegistered 7/17/2007
On 11/27/2012 kermiefrog said:

Nice 'n Easy gives dimension - kind of like sunkissed effect on my hair. I use a medium blonde shade and I am very pleased with the results. I have several different shades of medium blonde when I use it.

That's what I use - in light auburn. My hairdresser always tells me it looks great - in fact, one day the hairdresser at the next station commented to her that he loved my color (she's a top colorist in the salon) - she had to admit that I do it myself.

jamie1354128730.7072518 PostsRegistered 7/24/2005

Wanted to say thank you for the replies. I think I had tried the Feria years ago, going to go look at them and probably try it again.

Make up ­ Maiden1354132395.517242 PostsRegistered 9/20/2012

Great topic jamie . Thanks. :-)

I love these feedbacks. Are any of the above color products temp, wash out color or are they perm color? TIA

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chumlee_1354132774.8275381 PostsRegistered 10/3/2008
I've used nice & easy forever in natural light auburn. Just like the others here, my hairdresser and others are always saying it is a great colour. I also use Garnier highlights in H2 - my hairdresser said my colouring job would be $300 at the salon. I can get three highlight jobs out of each box since I don't overdo them, so it costs me about $10 for colour.chum

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