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New Wet to Dry Instyler vs. the Original Instyler

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If you have used both can you tell me how they compare for use on dry hair? Is the new one as good as the original for dry hair? I've read in some reviews that the brushes are different (original has soft brushes and the new one has stiff brushes). Some reviews have said that the new one damages the hair and that the original doesn't. Did anyone get damage from the original one? TIA

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susan kay1353027247.6993 PostsRegistered 6/28/2011

I purchased the Instyler about 3 or 4 months ago--the larger barrel. Then I decided that I wanted to try the new Instyler with the 3/4" barrel. First, let me say that I have shoulder-length finer, highlighted hair. I was very concerned when I first got the Instyler that it would damage my ends, but I had watched the presentations over and over again and decided to just try it. When I hurried the process (as opposed to what they recommend in the video), my hair looked horrible. Then, I went slowly, as they recommended. Was very surprised and pleased by the results. I had the temp on the lowest setting. When I ordered the 3/4" wet/dry Instyler, I did notice a difference in the bristles, but I think for me, there was too much curl. If I could have gotten slightly less curl, I would have kept it, but I did return it. I never tried it on wet hair.

baby 21353065045.161637 PostsRegistered 9/14/2011

Thank you, Susan Kay. Smile

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