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Cleansing Conditioners. . WEN, Lisa Rachel, Hair One, and Renpure???

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I have been an exclusive WEN Girl for 2 years. I have tried Hair One, Salon Grafix, and the L'oreal cleansing conditioners. None of them worked as well as the WEN. I will never stop using WEN, but I really need to find another cleansing conditioner to use a few days a week so that my WEN will last longer. Have you guys tried other brands, and if so, what did you think? I did notice that Lisa Rachel and Hair One is marketed by the same company, The Fisk Group.

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musicgrl1352414133.231075 PostsRegistered 11/28/2008Suburban Detroit

I tried both the Lisa Rachel and the Hair One and was not able to continue use (same with Wen) because of the formula (menthol?). So I would have to say that they are closer to Wen then say the Salon Graphix.

That being said, I am currently using the Children's formula Wen and find it similiar to the Salon Graphix one! HTH!

KweenB1352414316.592208 PostsRegistered 11/27/2010

I just wanted to say that if you haven't tried all the Hair One formulas, you might want to try all of them by buying the sample packets. The Olive Oil and Argan Oil versions really made my hair a mess. The Aloe one wasn't bad. My hair LOVES the Jojoba one. I'm using it and supplementing my Wen to make it more affordable.

I didn't like the Salon Grafix one either. I haven't tried the Loreal one yet, but I probably will. I'm such a hair junkie. {#emotions_dlg.laugh}

I also heard that Infusium 23 has one too that I'd like to try.

Iwantcoffee1352418448.9333151 PostsRegistered 11/28/2006

You can use an inexpensive conditioner such as Suave or V05. It does not need the label of cleansing conditioner. A regular conditioner will do.

JENLOVESTO­SHOP1352424152.877937 PostsRegistered 6/2/2006

I've tried all the ones listed. Hated Renpure....worked ok the first try, but the second and third uses made my hair a matted mess and I returned the product.

I do like Hair One, but prefer Lisa Rachel as I find the LR formula to be a bit creamier.

I didn't find Salon Grafix one to be moisturizing or creamy enough for my color-treated, long hair.

The L'oreal one was just too strong smelling for my personal taste...it actually gave me a headache so I gave it away.

My personal favorites are either Wen 613 formula or the Lisa Rachel one for dry/damaged hair.

baby burns1352429513.0078793 PostsRegistered 12/9/2007

i cannot use wen, my hair goes flat, and does not feel clean. also i only use a conditioner once inawhile, i have naturally soft hair! sounds funny, but my mom was the same way, always tell anyone who does my hair, no conditioner!!

pinkie201352509992.86248 PostsRegistered 11/14/2010

i've just started using hair one the joboba formula for color treated hair and so far i really like it. the only thing that kind of bothers me about these cleansing conditioners is the amount of water being used. i feel kind of wasteful. but i am going to continue, and i'll try to conserve in other areas.

gatorgal251352510241.2673036 PostsRegistered 6/3/2007
On 11/8/2012 Iwantcoffee said:

You can use an inexpensive conditioner such as Suave or V05. It does not need the label of cleansing conditioner. A regular conditioner will do.

I use V05 during the week for the quick cleanses and Wen on the weekend. I only cleanse once with V05 and it's fine...quick too. Admittedly, my hair doesn't look as good as when I use the Wen, nor does it stay clean as long, but it helps stretch the dollar and saves some time during the week. HTH.

WENgal1353087975.0332 PostsRegistered 11/8/2012

Since I created this post, I have tried the Renpure and the Lisa Rachel brand. The Renpure smelled the best, but did not have near the creaminess or moisture that WEN has. After I used it, I had to use my Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. I bought the Lisa Rachel in the curly hair formula (Argon Oil) as well as the dry hair formula (olive oil) and I must say that these are MUCH closer to the WEN than the Renpure. I really like both of them. Salon Grafix is about the same as Renpure, and the L'oreal version just has too strong a smell to me. I will never stop using my WEN, but I do feel like I will be happy using the Lisa Rachel brand 2-3 times a week so that my WEN will last longer. Thanks for all the posts!

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