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Paging SilentDance

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Our threads, "Paging PerriTwin1" and "Paging Bljed" have been poofed... so, I'm starting a new one, "Paging SilentDance".

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bljed1417090109.757203 PostsRegistered 1/29/2008

Hi SilentDance- Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! I'm soon off to where there are 10+" of snow on the ground! A white Thanksgiving this year!

The EL gloss set isn't terribly appealing to me because I have so much new stuff. However I do love those mini sizes and like their gloss formula a lot. As for Candy Clown we both know anything will compliment it as its the best 'goes with everything' type shade. LOL

I don't use a separate eye cream….I just use my spf PC moisturizer all over including under my eyes. I don't have trouble with under eye smudging. I do think it can be an issue for you because you have to figure if you are putting a cream onto the skin it can migrate to the liner. Perhaps its too emollient?

My issue has been the constant transferring of liner on the right eye only. Last week I used the Trish powder liner and it even did it then. I was shocked. Looks like gel or liquid would be the only formulas where I would not get that occurring BUT I have trouble applying them and they don't give me the softer look I prefer. I think I'm just going to have to live with it and wipe it off when it occurs. I find that if I wipe if off it doesn't re-occur. For some reason its that initial time when I think there is simply more liner (its thicker) to transfer.

Great with the Dolly palette. I also liked it and almost purchased. Forgot to check it in person but watched a video review. I think it has black eyeliner? I wish they would not do black liner in so many kits.

Ok, so I've been busy lately with purchases. I just received the BM TSV!!! I love the look of all of it. It was so overcast here the past 2 days I could not get a great idea of the lipstick but it seemed to be a nice everyday shade. I think there is enough pink in it for me. I need to look at it outside in full sun to be sure. Lighting with shades like that can be SO tricky. I'm going to wear the kit today. Actually really like the deep brown liner a lot too. I think the illuminator will be good. While its 'gold' its not the deeper really yellow gold….its softer and more a beige gold. I think….

Also purchased from Sephora the JM Argan Dreams color collection. I'm going to try mixing that illuminator with her body butter. The Rose gold shadow looks so pretty. The Inifinity lip tint is a nice pink. Somehow I feel the shadow and pink lip tint look more summery. I got this great bag of samples-a rare thing these days along with the JM 500 point kit. I had gone into the store but they were out of it and onto a Smashbox one so I went home and ordered what I wanted because it was still in stock online.

The last thing is the Clarins lip crayon in Plum. This is very nice. I really like their crayons. Feel so nice and the Plum is a pop of sheer color. My favorite look is some color but with a bit of sheen. Finding it more youthful.

Last week I ended up returning the Trish crayon kit. I tried working with them and it was NOT worth the $60 as I could only wear the Rose on the cheeks. It made a nice blush but was not the best look for my lips. I also did not care for the taste and feel of them on my lips. THere are many superior products out there. The other 2 shades I did not like at all.

Oh also got an Hourglass blush that I have yet to try. It doesn't seem to be one with shimmer in it. I am in need of a quick blush for work mornings. i love the Pink Escape gelee blush in the kit I got but the container is about the size of a nickel. I don't know how I'm going to apply this. I cannot get my stippling brush in it properly. Any ideas?

I hope you like the apple crisp. I made pumpkin pie which is simple. No Dutch oven yet. I put it on my wish list. I have a 4 quart but would love the 6 quart.

So you saw the auto deliveries for the latest BM TSV? I love the look of the next one. The July may be a pass for me and I'm not sure about the next Oct. I also have the auto delivery for the one provious with the foundation-which I am liking.

I will probably do some casual shopping tomorrow….little deals at Sephora don't interest me. I did see one with the JM hand cream that might be nice to have. For some odd reason I'm still drooling over the iT Cosmetics matte palette (the first one). I think slight shimmer/sheen might be prettier so I need to RESIST. LOL

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