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my 50 yr old acne prone skin needs help !!!!!!!

Started 1350139077.133 in Beauty Banter | Last reply 1350273149.697 by dsky

Have tried BE and not impressed with skin care line and was going to try Philosophy's TSV but see that MW is not a good choise for my skin type please need advice on what I should try..especially need a moisturizer have combo dry/oily skin acne prone with pot hole size pores on my nose. Using Oil of Olay moisturizer right now...

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betteb1350139658.69719230 PostsRegistered 1/1/2008The Land of Oz

You need to exfoliate and you need a toner. I have breakout prone skin too.

Cleanse your face with your choice, but I use Purity. Cleanse once to remove your makeup and then again to cleanse your skin.

Twice a week use either Philosophy's Vit C MicroDelivery Peel or EkfoliKate

On the nights you don't do this, use a peel pad, Philosophy Micro Delivery Pads.

Every night use Pericone's Firming Facial Toner

Follow with and eye cream and a moisturizer. I use different eye creams but I use Hope in a Jar for moisturizer.

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CassieM1350140035.4136950 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I have found that my skin just does not like silicones, which is in so many products for acne, oily skin, and aging. Silicones make my skin oilier and clog my pores. I find that many anti-aging products break me out so I have to be careful.

Even though I have sensitive skin, my skin responds really well to retinoids, which help both aging skin and acne. I use retin-a every other night and it really has made the biggest difference in my skin. I started with over the counter retinol, and if you're not using a retinoid, that would be a good place for you to start. Alpha Hydrox Retinol Res-Q is very well-formulated retinol that is inexpensive. You can find it at drugstore.com or at the AH website, which is www.neotericcosmetics.com.

For pores, I recently received a sample of Paula's Choice BHA 9, which I'm using as a spot treatment only on my nose where I have resistent blackheads. I've only used it twice, but am amazed at the difference it's making already. I use it on the off nights from Retin-A.

wilma1350140177.04313373 PostsRegistered 7/10/2007

I am also 50 and have had acne prone skin since I was a teen. I tried lot of things over the years including Proactive and prescription drugs.

Paula's Choice skincare has helped me the most. I used her Clear System for about 6 months, and it cleared up a lot of my acne. The products did not dry out my skin, but then I have very oily skin. I also like her 2% BHA lotion for cleaning out pores and minimizing their appearance. I am currently trying her new 9% BHA treatment for stubborn blackheads and pimples. It has helped a bit too.

She has a variety of moisturizers for oily/acne prone skin. I am using her mattifying SPF moisturizer for day; it does not mattify IMO, but at least it doesn't break me out like other moisturizers. I do not use a moisturizer at night. You can check out her website and reviews of products. Her customer service is also great with any questions you might have.

hulagirl1350141452.527801 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I used Proactive for years.........loved it.........kinda got away from it trying different things (they were ok, but I really didn't like them as well as PA).......these days I probably only get 3 zits a year, but about 3 months ago I went back to PA and I'm sooooo glad I did. I no longer wear any foundation......just a cheap drugstore powder (Cover Girl w/Olay) which really works for me. I'm probably way older than the majority of PA users, but I love the cleanser, the toner (love the clean feeling of having toner back in my life), and I mix a little of the repairing lotion with my Isomers ReDensify for moisture. I use a couple of Isomer serums which I cocktail and apply after my toner.........loving my fair skin again!!

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JeanLouise­Finch1350141514.5312965 PostsRegistered 10/3/2011

I'm a little older than you and select my skincare ala carte (gentle cleanser, toner, serum, AHA in the morning, retinol at night, AM & PM moisturizers, and a couple of targeted weekly treatments; one that deep cleans and reduces pores, and another that provides great exfoliation.

That said, if you are looking for a complete line, I'd also recommend looking at the Paula's Choice website. She's got products with will directly target your concerns.

becka1350141718.0231046 PostsRegistered 11/25/2007

I'm 49 and feel your pain. I'm interested in the new philosophy, but the line never did me any favors in the past, so i'm leery and trying not to order the tsv.

If you can, see a derm. I'm using rx differin gel .3% and retin a micro for aging and benzaclin for breakouts/spot treatment.

i use serums for moisture,isomers,glycolics like ptr,lrp.

sto african black soap seems to calm my skin, but needs to be rinsed off really well. I use a toner ddf glycolic. I also use proactiv and acnefree sometimes.

Check your diet, candy/sugar breaks me out. Drink lots of water and try to get enough sleep. Good luck.

tessan1350141826.21211 PostsRegistered 8/11/2007

I agree with the derm. have wasted so much money on stuff that doesn't work. I finally went last week.

Happy Eliz­abeth1350142048.731346 PostsRegistered 10/1/2012Connecticut
I have acne prone aging skin. After trying everything, I have had the most success with Paula's Choice. Her new BHA9 is amazing, as is the 2% BHA. I hardly use any makeup since switching to her line. I still dabble in other products, but keep going back to Paula's Choice.

Ms X1350149200.6631697 PostsRegistered 9/13/2012New Hampshire

I recommend the Acne Free cleanser that's found in drugstores. It has benzoyl peroxide in it and IMO is a better choice than the benzoyl peroxide leave-on lotions because it's less irritating. Serious Skin Care's glycolic cleanser, in my experience, is good for acne, though expensive.

Skylands1350149543.9876667 PostsRegistered 5/30/2010

Keep it simple! Don't use a lot of products. Go visit with a great derm. You don't need to spend a lot of $$ on skin care to keep your skin looking great.

Proactiv once at night with the MIA, benzoyle peroxide cream on trouble areas (peri-oral), moistuizer and eye cream. Of course SPF during the day! Good luck!

KatCat11350155868.318205 PostsRegistered 7/21/2011

Try the Burt's Bees line in the drugstore. Excellent products. Also look into Porefessional by Benefit that minimizes pores. You should also use a light exfoliation. Good luck to you.

sailor moon1350156300.1631411 PostsRegistered 6/8/2012In an altered state

For me the inflamation does not last long, but I'm always left with acne scars, ugh!

Light therapy can help with mild to moderate acne; for severe acne, you need to see a derm.

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bikerbabe1350156330.1039820 PostsRegistered 4/10/2007

i agree with adding BHA to your routine. paula's choice is a good option. it will help keep pores clear without further drying your skin.

if you are interested in trying one of her systems she sells sets of sample packets for under $10, so you can try her line without a big price commitment.

doggy-lover1350159079.5931130 PostsRegistered 11/4/2011Texas
On 10/13/2012 Ms X said:

I recommend the Acne Free cleanser that's found in drugstores. It has benzoyl peroxide in it and IMO is a better choice than the benzoyl peroxide leave-on lotions because it's less irritating. Serious Skin Care's glycolic cleanser, in my experience, is good for acne, though expensive.

I've started using this recently due to my face breaking out all of a sudden for unknown reasons.....I have been using this system for a week now and have been very pleased. My face has not been too dry. I use Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturing GEL (not the lotion!) to keep it from being too dry and sunscreen and I've been satisfied...

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MrsSweetie­Bear1350249809.6177092 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Somewhere UNDER the rainbow

You'll get a different answer from every poster. It's great if you can go to a derm worth his fee. But it's all really so much trial and error.

My skincare products once I found my personal HG acne treatment (BOA*), are simple and inexpensive. It sounds like we have the same skin type.

I use a microfiber cloth for exfoliation. A glycolic face wash from Alpha Hydrox. Retin-A .025 cream at night. Cranberry seed oil and Aloe Vera Gel for day moisture. Sunscreen.

That's it, other than *Buzz on Acne mentioned above.

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Skylands1350249914.936667 PostsRegistered 5/30/2010

Yes, acne is a complex disease and responds differently to treatments & products. Save yourself time & $$ and go visit a great derm! There is no one size fits all. Good luck:)

KweenB1350250633.9132208 PostsRegistered 11/27/2010

I also have acne prone skin. I just recently turned 53. I do really well with Dr. Denese's products. The only thing in her line that broke me out was her Gold Serum and I really don't care for any of her cleansers. My favs are her Advanced Firming Facial Pads (glycolic acid), Pro-C Pads, RetinolMax, and Hydroshield Serum.

I also really like Philosophy's Take a Deep Breath moisturizer. It's a gel cream. Very light and feels great on the skin. I tried and couldn't use the Miracle Worker or the Hope in a Jar. Both of those caused horrible breakouts. I've been using the TADB in the mornings under my makeup as it's so nice and light.

For cleansers, I use Philosophy's Purity and Microdelivery Wash. However, last week, I bought Neutrogena's pink grapefruit scrubbing cleanser. I saw some good reviews here and thought I would give it a try. I think it also has an Allure award. I've been using it a week (replacing my morning use of Microdelivery Wash) and I really like it. No bad reactions so far and my face feels just as clean as with the Microdelivery Wash.

dogluvr1350261458.723184 PostsRegistered 12/14/2005
I have acne prone skin and am 55! The best thing I have done for my skin was to buy a Clarisonic! I swear my skin has never looked better. It is a lot of money, but so worth it. I also use Proactiv. Good luck!

baby burns1350267846.938793 PostsRegistered 12/9/2007

after all the theses years, why don't you go to a dermatolgist??? why suffer with it anymore, i could not stand it, i would have to see a dr. and see what i could do to clear it up once and for all!!!

dsky1350273149.6971102 PostsRegistered 1/3/2009

I had to wait till I was 50 for my skin to stop breaking out so I understand. I now use Burt's Bees Acne Moisturizer, Smashbox oil free primer, Tarte Clay foundation with the big brush. Once I started using all of these my face stopped looking like a teenager, I am now 52. For cleansers, I use the Skinn line, there is one for day and night.

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