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Years ago, I bought a Loreal mascara that actually curled lashes-

Looked at CVS yesterday and could not find it-

What brands out ther curl lashes?{#emotions_dlg.confused1}


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KatCat11349615499.7318212 PostsRegistered 7/21/2011

Try Clinique, IT or Dalton.

kabella1349616632.1673951 PostsRegistered 1/30/2012

I don't know of any mascara that actually curls lashes but if you curl your lashes & use voluminzing waterproof mascara, as far as I know that keeps the curl lasting...

Tricolor1349632277.3175631 PostsRegistered 4/19/2010Pittsburgh Suburbs

Maybelline just came out with Colossal Cat Eye. It is in a yellow tube.

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StarChild1349638809.941928 PostsRegistered 4/26/2008NYC

Benefit They're Real mascara.

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FUTURE1349640971.1512816 PostsRegistered 5/18/2008
For me, none do. That's hat my lash curler is for. I would just die if I found one that curled, and HELD the curl. Die, I tell you!!!

Sapphirean­dice1349644399.64469 PostsRegistered 3/12/2009

Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara $20

Ms X1349646073.5471701 PostsRegistered 9/13/2012New Hampshire

I don't believe that mascara can curl lashes. Hype, nothing more. I will not spend extra money for these luxury masacaras. Maybelline or such is just as good.

depglass1349646239.94725017 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006

I use Benefit and I just looked. Not curlier than normal, sort of straight, in fact.. But I sure do love this They're Real mascara.

CassieM1349712016.8576950 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
On 10/7/2012 Ms X said:

I don't believe that mascara can curl lashes. Hype, nothing more. I will not spend extra money for these luxury masacaras. Maybelline or such is just as good.

It's not hype, the curling mascaras actually contain a polymer that stretches when wet and shrinks up when dry, pulling the lashes up as it shrinks and in effect, "curling" them. That said, they won't work for everyone, if you have very stiff straight lashes, the polymer isn't strong enough to pull your lashes up. And you can get curling mascaras at the drugstore, they're not all luxury brands, Maybelline even sells one.

My lashes are pretty light and fragile, so these mascaras work well for me, thankfully, since I can't use eyelash curlers.

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VelvetBlack1349754706.0833210 PostsRegistered 10/19/2007Queens, NY

I haven't found a mascara yet that curls the lashes. The only thing that works for me is when I curl my lashes and use a waterproof formula mascara. I use either Laura Mercier waterproof or CoverGirl Lashblast Volume. But not ALL waterproof mascaras hold the curl on me, but the two I mentioned work best for me.

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catlover1349827224.6878552 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004New York

thanks everyone-I haven't worn mascara in years and I am now on this big mascara kick!!!!

I used to think it was so much trouble to apply, but once I did it everyday for a week or so-it is now like putting on lip gloss-well-almost!!!


betteb1349827502.80319263 PostsRegistered 1/1/2008The Land of Oz
On 10/7/2012 Sapphireandice said:

Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara $20

Uh-Oh Uban Decay Friends and Family sale started today. 20% off. Code FFHOLIDAY12

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LovemyBE1349830542.72325588 PostsRegistered 7/11/2008

Bare Escentuals Curl & Lengthen mascara and Buxom mascara work excellent for me.

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