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please don't speak french. unless you are actually speaking french.

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i heard this out of shawn again today, and i say it out of love to everyone in the universe:

please. unless you speak french, don't speak "french." if you're not doing it right, it achieves the exact opposite of what is intended: one looks foolish, uneducated, and unsophisticated. so avoid saying:

"wallah." it's "voila." pronounce the "v". it means "there you go" or "there it is" or "there you have it."

oh duh parfoom. it's "eau de parfum." a more accurate pronunciation would be "ode parfemme." but it is perfectly correct to say "perfume" and avoid the french entirely.

don't say "oooh la la." french people don't say it. they do say "oh la la"- it means more like "uh-oh" or "oopsie-daisy." it does not mean "hubba hubba."

if you have a manicure with thick white square tips, don't call it french. there is nothing, nor has there ever been, anything french about it, and french people are, frankly, mystified by it.

and please- please- don't say "koo de grah." it's "coup de grace" (pronounce the "c"). it is literally translated "the blow that kills" (usually mercifully) or "the blow of mercy." "gras" (pronounced "grah") is the french word for "fat". so "koo de grah" translates as "the blow of fat" which, of course, makes no sense.

english is a beautiful, lyrical language. it lends itself to descriptions. there are millions of words. shawn, please master english before you go butchering other languages.