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If your past 40 will dark hair age you?

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I want my brown hair back, I am blond now but feel it washes me out. Someone told me a few years back that once your over 40 dark hair ages you. Is there some rule about this.

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frisky_fil­ly1321487380.163883 PostsRegistered 12/7/2005

In a word, NO...I'm, 40ish, and I certainly don't plan on giving up my brunette locks any time soon! Everyone thinks I'm way younger than I am...and that suits me just fine. Its more a question of the tones/warmth/coolness of your hair suiting your complexion, I think. With my skin tone, I feel certain that blond would wash me out...I'm forever brunette! Smile

di-mc1321487399.6477669 PostsRegistered 12/4/2006the real world

If you have brown or black hair naturally, keeping it that dark after a certain age can make wrinkles more pronounced. I think 40 is a bit young for this to be an issue. Just think of 60 or 70 something women who dye their hair very dark, it's not a good look. They need to consider their natural shade then go several shades lighter.

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SilentDance1321487425.26314867 PostsRegistered 10/20/2008Location, location, location!

No! If you look old, you'll look old with any shade hair and if you look young now you won't look any older with dark hair. Guys dig brunettes! Wink


Brinklii1321487620.25710297 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Northern WI

I would do medium brown with dark blonde highlights.

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EstyWA1321487620.61578 PostsRegistered 11/7/2011

Extreme haircolors are what age a person. Platinum and Black for instance will wash a person out and make them look older. The best bet is go with warmer shades (golden,chesnuts,honey tones etc) These colors help neutralize ruddy/sallow complexions. If you go from blonde to dark again you need to go in stages so the color doesnt grab and look uneven. doing lowlights will help and look more natural

EstyWA1321487622.71578 PostsRegistered 11/7/2011

Extreme haircolors are what age a person. Platinum and Black for instance will wash a person out and make them look older. The best bet is go with warmer shades (golden,chesnuts,honey tones etc) These colors help neutralize ruddy/sallow complexions. If you go from blonde to dark again you need to go in stages so the color doesnt grab and look uneven. doing lowlights will help and look more natural

Desi11321487624.40714998 PostsRegistered 6/9/2007Ma

It's just opinions. Some people just choose such a stark, dark shade that it washes them out. How about splitting the diff - do light brown, and if you like it, go medium next time. I think light may be dark enough for you. It will be an adjustment, like going in 1 step from long to short hair. Let us know what you decide, hope you love it!


Kathlen1321487636.67714877 PostsRegistered 8/7/2006East Side, West Side, All Around The Town ... London Bridge is Falling Down

Funny you should ask! I've been blonde since 1989 and this past August I came to the same point you did ... I was looking too washed out. I'm much older than 40.

I went blonde to camouflage gray, but I found that even after all these years, I have very little gray, but now I do have a fabulous white streak right across the front.

My hair is growing in a bit darker than I remembered, and I'm getting raves from everyone.

I think with my next haircut on Friday, the last bit of blonde will be gone (I have short hair). I stopped today to buy a tube of John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette shampoo that I plan to use tomorrow morning.

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only shops­ online1321487639.985945 PostsRegistered 10/17/2006

My original hair color was so dark brown it was almost black. I started coloring my hair at about 40, because the gray was making me look too washed out and much older. I'm now 53. I just have my hair colored a shade of brunette that is a little lighter than my original.

My hair stylist said he would tell me when the brunette no longer looked natural. Then, I'm planning on going platinum silver. I think that color is just so chic on "older women."

Good4u1321489232.0473270 PostsRegistered 1/12/2008USA - Midwest

i tend to agree if your hair is too dark, and you don't have the right coloring for it...it can look too severe and harsh almost gothic. So be very careful going that extreme and not too mention accenting wrinkles and discolorations. I am in the process of doing this now. In fact, today even. I just finished putting on a new color that is a cross between two L'oreal Preference box colors and it came out the color of warm toasted almond. So far so good and I'm liking the color which is deeper, not much red and very rich without being overpowering. Hope I still like it in two weeks...{#emotions_dlg.unsure}

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violetgirl1321490132.077569 PostsRegistered 7/17/2005N. Cal

I don't understand it. I think I do but,...wait! no I don't. I have naturally black hair and I'm 50. What am I supposed to do?? dye it a few shades lighter??? huh?

Rooney11321490960.395903 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007White Mountains - Northeastern Arizona

I don't know about any rule, but I know that I look better with lighter hair. I was a light blond as a kid and over the last years it has gotten darker and darker. I am now 50, and color my hair. My base color is a dark blond with lots of blond highlights. I have a gray streak on my right forehead - thanks mom and O'ma... I have tried to go darker as not to have to color, but I think I look older and it closes my face - if that makes sense. Being more blond opens up my face. I am also fair, so when I get the winter pastie color I adjust my make-up. I guess it boils down to preference and your skin tone.

Visaqueen1321491024.9279245 PostsRegistered 1/29/2007Suffragette City

Well, brown isn't dark - like gothic black - unless you are going so dark brown that it is a brown/black?

It is all about the right undertones working with your skin tone. The wrong shade of blond KILLS a person's looks (totally washes one out and ages them), so lighter isn't always better, IMO.

I read somewhere that you should look a picture of yourself as a little child, then choose that hair shade or maybe a tad lighter, but in those same tones. That should be the best color for you?

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Qvie Victo­riah1321495059.5031028 PostsRegistered 1/9/2008St. Louis, Missouri

Just don't do blue black or black black. I just got my hair done today and we went overall a bit darker, but put in highlights to give depth. I was a level 4, and now and a level 5 with enough lighter pieces o give me an overall look of a level 4. If that doesn't make sems, LMK and I'll go into detail for you. I love thbe color now. So does DH. It looks deep, rich, tonal, and warm. And best, NATURAL.

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evelyner1321495462.022692 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Jacqueline Kennedy looked good

tessan1321495700.0771211 PostsRegistered 8/11/2007

I think a little deeper color can make you look younger, just not extremes.

Nightowlz1321496078.47310557 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I think you are ok as long as you don't go darker than your natural color. My sisters natural color is brown & now has what she calls blonde hair but it looks awful on her because it washes her out. I told her she needs to go back closer to her natural color. She did for a while & it really looked good. Now shes back to the wrong color. I have mine pretty close to my natural color. I like it like that so when it grows out I don't have much of a color difference with my roots.

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baby burns1321502097.738793 PostsRegistered 12/9/2007

i'am a natural blonde, so i sure would not dye it any color. black is very stark, but if you have had it all your life, i would not mess with it now. my girls, says as long as you have light color around your face, it makes you look younger. i see alot of people getting colors i think look awful, but i cannot say a word.

springers1321509036.976915 PostsRegistered 8/27/2008so cal

Think of Elizabeth Taylor she had many different colors and I always like her best dark with her beautiful eyes. I think she had blond, auburn, brown and black. The right style also makes a big difference with age.

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Linda1291321510205.021311 PostsRegistered 1/16/2005

I look really washed out when my hair is lighter (I'm 53). I went to a light brown this past July for something a little different and found I really had to brighten my makeup. By Sept. I was adding lowlights and going back to my usual medium shade.

Mona Dahl1321510544.3772201 PostsRegistered 3/29/2007

I think that over the age of 35, sticking to your natural hair color is best. (Either don't color your hair, or color it the same as your natural color to disguise grays.) I see a lot of older women going lighter or getting highlights, and I always think it looks like gray hair!

I agree that a harsh color of any kind will age you, but a natural brunette color would be absolutely fine, IMO.

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Irshgrl312­011321510570.87317212 PostsRegistered 3/14/2006

I was a hair colorist for many years and I do not think necessarily that brown or dark hair ages you. It depends on the undertones of a color. I think as you age you want to steer clear of ashy undertones. For example, on the color wheel the ash undertones counter balance brassy undertones. Steer clear of bases that are violet, blue or green. I think this should be done for several reasons. One reason is because gray hair is ashy and when you are using a color to cover gray if you get a base color that is violet, blue or green it doesn't cover gray as well because the color gray itself IS an ash base. You should be getting something warmer that has some gold in it. That warms up the face. Brunettes with a little bit of golden or auburn color in the base look great. It is also a good idea to go up one level of your base color when you get older. So for instance, if you were normally a level 5 brown (hair colors go from 10 blondest to 1 black) maybe try a level 6. You will still be a brunette but not quite as dark.

I think what age women is when the bases can be seen too in certain lights, like ever see a blue, green or violet cast to someone who has dark brown or black hair. That isn't very flattering on anyone of any age.

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TY11321515512.0334511 PostsRegistered 3/22/2007

I think a solid wall of dark dyed hair is aging. But it isn't just hair color that ages you. Frizzy or wiry looking hair because your hair has turned gray is also aging, even if you color it. That's my problem. I color my hair and I have to deal with frizzies because my hair is porous from hair coloring. Even if I went au natural, I would be one of those ladies who had wiry gray hair, not smooth hair like I used to have before my hair started to turn gray. So a hair dryer and flat iron are a must in order to have youthful looking hair for me.

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keep~growi­ng1321515649.67402 PostsRegistered 11/8/2011

I don't think that it's aging at all, as long as you stay within two shades darker (or lighter, if applicable) of your own natural color. That is, if you can remember what it was.;)

I'm 48 and have medium brown hair; I was light brown as a child.

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4doggies1321537570.4173501 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I'm 60, my hair was nearly black when I was a kid. Now it's med-dark brown with gray. I find it most flattering to color it dark brown--not jet black, but darker than my current true color. I was concerned about it being aging, but it definitely looks better dark, not aging at all.

I remember reading that it's best and most natural looking to stay close to the tone you were as a child. Most people's hair gets darker with age, for us true brunettes, it gets lighter and kind of washed out looking. You do have to be careful with jet black, though, it can look very flat and one dimensional--that's aging, IMO.

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