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Why do all the nude nail polishes streak?? Ballet Slippers, Mademoiselle?? Help!!

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I use Orly's rubberized base coat, then the polish. It does ok if I only use one coat and am very careful, but when I put 2 coats it streaks awful! I have tried several polishes and they all do this. How do I keep this from happening and what is a good one to try that doesn't streak???

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nancypoo1313325442.41413 PostsRegistered 5/13/2011

I've found that too. I'm on my way to Target/Walmart to try an OPI nude---it is not supposed to streak.

PpprMintPa­tty1313326335.3218976 PostsRegistered 8/7/2007Outside our Nation's Capitol

I prefer one coat and it was probably because of that that I started having them only putting on one coat. I will check out the OPI Nude.

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cosdepende­nt1313327405757 PostsRegistered 1/31/2007Greater Cincinnati

Have you tried a ridge filler either as your base or after you base? I read this tip several years ago, but I don't think it is the magic cure, but it helps. I use Seche Vite. I always use two coats of nude nail polish.

Shelbelle1313327647.7536483 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Based on my own personal experience, there is no way for us to apply these pale shades by ourselves. Go to a nail salon for these shades.I always have my manicurist use a ridge filling basecoat for pale shades.

cam31501313328924.233113 PostsRegistered 12/23/2010

I have been searching for a nude that does't streak for years. Finally I just went to Ulta, to the Essie section, and started trying out every one (I did ask the girl and she said it was fine as long as I used the testers). I found two that do not streak - Sugar Daddy and Mademoiselle. Both are more of a nude pink but that is the color I wanted. I like to layer them actually but either one works fine and they don't streak at all. I have put as much as 4 coats on did not have any issues. It can be done at home, you just have to fiind the right color. Try going to Ulta if you have one and just do some tests. Try out the 2 I mentioned, maybe they are what you are looking for.

Blondelle1313329304.544337 PostsRegistered 8/4/2007

I've found that polishes that are like creams but with a bit of irridescence or shimmer don't streak and go on more opaque. If it's just a bit, it still looks more like a cream but they apply much better. I'm tired of the polishes that look like such pretty nudes or pale pink shades and then go on so sheer you need at least 3 coats to see them. Then the regular creams need a few coats just to even them out. What I mentioned above seems to be the answer. Zoya has several like that. They are a 4 or 5 in coverage and look like creams with with that bit of shimmer that makes them go on smoother.

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DebbieDD1313330579.198109 PostsRegistered 10/18/2004

I also love Vanity Fairest (essie). Yes Ballet slippers does streak but I have found that Mademoiselle does not. Are you perhaps putting on a thick coat. Try to strick to thin quick coats.

3kids3pups1313339732.68715 PostsRegistered 5/16/2010

I have had good results with Essie Vanity Fairest , and my all-time favorite Essie Sugar Daddy. I use Seche Base ridge filling base coat first then 2-3 coats of sheer color with no streaking.

psychomom1313340069.23190 PostsRegistered 11/25/2006California

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in "Nude Now" does not streak at all! The polish goes on smooth and even and stays that way. Excellent stuff. {#emotions_dlg.thumbup1}

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divvykimmy1313355047.613713 PostsRegistered 9/20/2008
I've actually had much better luck streak-wise with Mademoiselle if I skip the base coat. The polish seems to adhere to my fingernails instead of collecting in streaks. I do finish up with a coat of Seche Vite, which also helps to smooth out the polish. HTH...

Salongirl1313355177.033420 PostsRegistered 10/25/2006
On 8/14/2011 cosdependent said:

Have you tried a ridge filler either as your base or after you base? I read this tip several years ago, but I don't think it is the magic cure, but it helps. I use Seche Vite. I always use two coats of nude nail polish.

Yip ridge filler rocks!!

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Clover291313355322.13711498 PostsRegistered 1/19/2008

I don't think OPI Passion streaks. Revlon's Pink Lingerie is the worst I've ever used, I can never get that to look like it does in online blog swatches on other women.

NYC Susan1313356585.5175654 PostsRegistered 1/28/2007New York City and East Hampton, NY
On 8/14/2011 Shelbelle said:

Based on my own personal experience, there is no way for us to apply these pale shades by ourselves. Go to a nail salon for these shades.I always have my manicurist use a ridge filling basecoat for pale shades.

Really? I apply pale shades myself all the time and I never have problems. I don't use a ridge filler or anything other than base and top coats.

OP, my favorite is Zoya. But I use pretty much everything from cheap drugstore brands all the way up to the expensive stuff. I'm not sure why you're having that problem, but maybe you should try a few different brands and see if some work better for you than others. {#emotions_dlg.sleep}

cammybee1313357469.5572109 PostsRegistered 2/1/2009

I know what you mean about the nude polishes streaking. I have good luck with three coats when applying these polishes. I also think Seche Vite as a top coat seems to "smooth out" the polish and leave a very glossy smooth finish.

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Ellekaye1313358312.223181 PostsRegistered 8/12/2011

I agree that the best combo is 1 coat of Essie's Sugar Daddy, followed by 1 coat of Madamoiselle. I have weak nails so OPI natural nail strengthener goes on first and last. I don't seem to have problems with streaks and the nail color lasts all week.

EllieBham1313358484.503698 PostsRegistered 8/15/2010Midwest

Use very little polish on the brush and let the coats dry completely in between. If you can wait a couple of hours between coats.

SilentDance1313360238.6814867 PostsRegistered 10/20/2008Location, location, location!

I'm having trouble too with them, but I do notice the second coat does look better than the first one but after a few days it looks bad. I will follow some of the suggestions posted.


ladyroxanne1313360562.5211022 PostsRegistered 3/25/2008northern ca

interesting. i never had nude nail polish streak on me, but i haven't worn it in several years.

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rebel1313407773.535634 PostsRegistered 4/27/2007

i have no nails but when i was painting them, that was my exact complaint with the light colors of Essie-streaking.

at least i know it is not just me!

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lulu21313412384.5823266 PostsRegistered 8/1/2007

When I wore nudes or sheers, I almost always wore Essie polish. The last year or so, I switched to Zoya. I like the fact that they classify their polish by color intensity. Right now I'm wearing Pandora; it is a 5 in intensity and a gorgeous color that covered with only 1 coat.

Check out Zoya.Smile I just received 2 free bottles with a customer code for return buyers.

moosesgal1313413606.507383 PostsRegistered 4/9/2005Southwest Virginia

I use thin coats. So I should use a ridge filler after the rubberized base coat? I guess I thought all base coats smooth like a ridge filler. Thanks for the suggestions...I like a more sheer look with a hint of color, something where the tips will still show. I do like OPI Tutti Fruity Tonga. It is shimmery, but still lets the white tips show through.

Shelbelle1313414305.97736483 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

A ridge fillimg base coat like Nail Tek Foundation is a must with very pale shades of polish. Best top coat is Sally Hansen Mega Shine Extended Wear in the mirrored bottle. Dries so smooth it will help to hide imperfections.

jackthebear1313414724.7737391 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

depends on the color

OPI bubble bath is good, and some of the Essies are OK but you need to know which ones, manicurists usually do. One of the Sally hansens complete is good too

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