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Body Blade for arms and general toning...

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Anyone have any luck toning their arms with this? It's harder than it looks. I have the wall chart but it's hard to tell which exercises are best for the arms. Any good sites or youtube videos that show exercises for different parts of the body?

I saw this shake gizmo in BB&B that's a similar concept. It's much smaller and a bit different method, but at least I feel the BB works if used properly. It has great reviews and was developed for physical therapy.

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Hi Blondelle--The Body Blade can be a good adjunct for a fitness program, but I wouldn't expect any startling results from it. It probably wouldn't increase strength much in a person who wasn't rehabbing an injury and/or very deconditioned, although the light weight, short range of motion and momentum assist make it a safe choice in physical therapy.

Since we're always trying to improve function (strength) as well as appearance, it wouldn't be my first choice for upper body work. However, if you enjoy using it and are seeing results, stick with it.

I actually had one some time ago, but sold it because it was only challenging for a short time. Once you reach a plateau with it, there are no strength gains to be made.

It's also important to note that seeing increased definition (tone) in any body part might also require a generalized decrease in body fat. The Body Blade would not be the best choice for this either.

BTW, the Shake Weight should not be taken seriously. No one should believe that the people in the commercials look that way from using it.

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I personally do not like these type of things as they can cause stress induced strain and inflammation on specific areas. I much prefer using rubber tubing for firming up my arms and body.


Mystical1309642044.6671024 PostsRegistered 4/22/2008

I've purchased body blades over the years and ended up giving both away. It was too hard for me to do all the exercises because it would start hurting right away. I'm old and have arthritis so that's probably the reason, but I do pick up 5 lb. dumbells every other day and also use rubber tubing with no problem - and they don't hurt.

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