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fed ex leaves item without ringing door bell...item stolen....why am i not surprised?

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i really dislike fed ex personnel who deliver and do not even ring the bell to let you know they have your package.

the fed ex idiot left a large item in front of my front door, never rang the bell and left. i was home but never knew i had a fed ex delivery.

short time later my neighbor gentlemen friend across the street from me rang my door bell and said you had a fed ex delivery left outside of your door, and before i could get dressed to bring it inside for you, a car pulled up and it was stolen.

why oh why am i not surprised?

i called fed ex yesterday was advised carrier should ring bell, if no one home only leave item if left in a protected area, and not easily seen from the street, or leave redelivery options notice.

they said my item never should have been left out in the open, and the carrier should have rang my bell to ensure i was home to accept package.

like i said i really detest the idiots who deliver like this from fed ex.

now to alert vendor as to item stolen and advise to re-ship, but only with my signature required at time of delivery.

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birdmama1365267526.57713882 PostsRegistered 3/24/2009Michigan

My UPS guy knows to put any packages that will fit between my storm door and inside door. Last night, I came home from work and laying in the middle of the porch (as though it was flung from the driveway) was a small brown package. It was jewelry I ordered from JCP and yes, the shipper was Fed Ex. So rude, it would have fit in the darn mailbox.

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ncascade1365273268.1774428 PostsRegistered 6/20/2006

Our mailbox is a long way from our front door (1/4 mile). We do not even know when mail is delivered. Once one of the carriers left a package under the mailbox in plain sight. We complained to the postmaster and it has never happened again.

Fed Ex: Couldn't find our house-not on their GPS and yelled at me. How silly!!

And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

colliemom41365273906.44717425 PostsRegistered 9/7/2010

I saw a tv segment around the holidays (not certain where this happened), in which a woman pulled up into a driveway, opened the trunk of her car and put a pile of UPS packages in her trunk and sped off.

It turns out these things were Christmas gifts for a little boy. The way the home owners know she did it was because they had some type of camera installed that took pics of the front of their home and driveway area.

People are unbelievable!

happy hous­ewife1365274188.30334389 PostsRegistered 1/4/2007
Yesterday Fed Ex delivered a computer keyboard to our door and also did not ring the bell, but just left it there - out in the rain. Same as the OP - our next door neighbor saw it and called us to tell us it was there. Fortunately ASUS had the box wrapped in a plastic so no water got to the item but it could have been ruined.

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Local1365281707.431512 PostsRegistered 5/21/2006

Did the gentleman neighbor call the police and give a description of the car?

rolen1365285805.9314 PostsRegistered 10/24/2004

We get most things delivered UPS. They never ring the bell. Once in a while we see them as they are returning to the truck after putting the item on the porch and ask them nicely to please ring the bell in the future. They just sort of nod as they continue on to the truck. What is so very frustrating is that our doorbell button is literally about 3 feet above the spot where they leave the package. It would take 2 seconds for them to ring the bell to let us know a delivery is there.

Most of the time I am aware of the day the item will be delivered. I normally find out that delivery has taken place as I check the UPS web site and see that it has been delivered. I then go to the porch and get it. Last week I heard a 'clunk' from our front storm door. No bell or knock took place, but I thought well at least they opened the storm door and put the package between the storm door and the regular door. I found the item in the middle of the porch. They obviously had tossed the item, it hit the storm door (making the clunk noise) and then landed in the middle of the porch. We have called the UPS office before, have been told that they are always supposed to ring the bell or knock, have been told that they will remind our delivery men to do so, but alas nothing has changed.....

BlingQueen­0221365295588.0936239 PostsRegistered 9/23/2012
That just happened to my parents the other day. They were waiting for fed ex to deliver an IPad and I came over in the evening for dinner and and saw the package on the door step. My parents said they didn't ring the doorbell at all. Thank goodness nobody took the package.

adoreqvc1365296063.66278 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
no unfortunately he was not dressed. he said it happend so fast, and did not think to call anyone. the guy is 87 years old so i am glad he did not try to intervien and have something terrible happen to him.
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On 4/6/2013 Local said:

Did the gentleman neighbor call the police and give a description of the car?

PurpleCow1365296415.16702 PostsRegistered 8/15/2009colorado, baby!!

NOBODY (fed-ex, ups, usps) rings my doorbell unless I have to sign- they all just drop the package {#emotions_dlg.thumbdown}

Since January I have had USPS lose 3 packages, UPS 1, and Fed-Ex 1.

USPS tracking still says one of my packages is still "out for delivery"... 3 weeks later! USPS won't do anything about lost packages, but sometimes they send nice little emails "we regret when this happens, but thank you for notifying us. consider it lost forever. oh well" --So unless you get insurance, you're out of luck! I have also had a couple packages beaten up and re-wrapped with USPS tape before arriving :-( WHAT IS THE PROBLEM??! My items were damaged and I sent pics to the company, they were horrified lol what a day!

Fed-Ex actually delivered my package to someone else (I was home that day, grrr!). I walked around to every neighbor and somebody lied about having it (grrrr!) but one of my neighbors did have a bunch of random UPS packages that were mis-delivered to him (lol at least I'm not alone!). Fed-Ex at least does have the driver return and search the neighborhood and factory, then gives a claim# to give to the company you ordered from so they can make a claim and resend you your order. WHAT A HASSLE!

I've wasted weeks trying to find my packages this year, and why- b/c some guy was too lazy to ring my doorbell?! AHHHHHH!!

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Rooney11365296817.75904 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007White Mountains - Northeastern Arizona

I have never had issues with FedEx, but recently had a Q package that was ripped off...

I called Q to ask them why my item was sent to my physical address instead of my PO box, as my community does not home delivery and to have a signature requirement on my packages that they choose to ship UPS. They said that they couldn't do that. Surprised me. Then Q refunded my money. A nice surprise.

Nicecupoft­ea1365342992.0272484 PostsRegistered 12/28/2008

Talking to local police about crime in our area. We were warned that criminals order stuff to be delivered to addresses and then wait around when they expect delivery. When ups or fedex deliver they quickly take the packages and leave. The homeowner knows nothing about it. This is especially 'enabled' by delivery person who does not ring doorbell. The vendor only knows the item was sent to a specific address and cannot trace the criminals.

chandeliers1365349210.474357 PostsRegistered 3/5/2008

At our home, UPS and Fed-ex just leave the packages next to the front door. I have no problem with that as the only people who drive down our road are people who live here.

However, we also have an apartment in another state and had our first stolen delivery in Feb. The package was left at our front door and within 20 mins. it was taken. Sadly, the only people who would have taken it would have been either my next door neighbor or her visitors, or an upstairs tenant or their friends/visitors. That makes me feel really really bad.

It is unbelievably expensive and a nice complex. It's not full of teens just moving out. I treat everyone with respect even though I don't know them. I always say Hi and with a smile. But I'm wary of them now.

QualityGal13653493256923 PostsRegistered 11/9/2007MI

I left a bag in my car today and thought, what if someone breaks in and steals this? We need to leave a few bags of trash around to start thwarting these individuals. jmht

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Tootie151365379128.1573107 PostsRegistered 12/17/2012

Wow .... Whenever we get FedEx or UPS deliveries, they always ring the doorbell. I can pretty much tell from their delivery schedule in my neighborhood and from tracking them when the items will be delivered. If I am not home, they leave the package between the doors or on the porch .....

redman111365383974.683460 PostsRegistered 3/30/2005


fed ex does the same thing to us and no matter how much i complain it continues.

shipping carriers no longer care and that is evident.

JESSA1365635757.8572776 PostsRegistered 12/18/2010

We had incidents where i live of people following the Fed X and UPS drivers around and stealing the packages after they are left.

DiAnne1365875277.4976453 PostsRegistered 9/22/2010

I have never had Fed X or UPS ring the doorbell. They just leave packages on porch. USPS will ring bell if package will not fit in mail box. I have seen news reports about people stealing packages but do not personally know anyone it has happened to and so far I have been lucky.

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